1. Introduction – testing transformers

This document was created to provide guidance to Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) powerplant personnel in maintenance, diagnostics, and testing transformers and associated equipment. This document applies primarily to the maintenance and diagnostics of oil-filled power transformers (500 kilovoltamperes [kVA] and larger), owned and operated by Reclamation, although routine maintenance of other transformer types is addressed as well. Specific technical details are included in other documents and are referenced in this document.

Guidance and recommendations herein are based on industry standards and experience gained at Reclamation facilities. However, equipment and situations vary greatly, and sound engineering and management judgment must be exercised when applying these diagnostics. All available information must be considered (e.g., manufacturer=s and transformer experts’ recommendations, unusual operating conditions, personal experience with the equipment, etc.) in conjunction with this document.

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