4.10 Auxiliary Tank Sealing System

Tank Sealing System

The auxiliary tank sealing system incorporates an extra tank between the main transformer tank and the conservator tank. Inert gas (normally nitrogen) is placed above oil in both the main and middle tanks. Only oil in the top conservator tank is exposed to air. A desiccant air dryer may, or may not, be included on the breather. As oil in the main tank expands and contracts with temperature, gas pressure varies above the oil in both (figure 43).

Changes in gas pressure cause oil to go back and forth between the middle tank and the conservator. Air containing oxygen and moisture is not in contact with oil in the main transformer tank. Oxygen and moisture are absorbed by oil in the conservator tank and interchanged with oil in the middle tank. However, since gas in the middle tank interchanges with gas in the main tank, small amounts of oxygen and moisture carried by gas still make their way into the transformer.

Figure 43 – Auxiliary Tank Sealing System

Figure 43 – Auxiliary Tank Sealing System

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