4.9 Oil Preservation Sealing Systems

Oil Preservation Sealing Systems

The purpose of sealing systems is to prevent air and moisture from contaminating oil and cellulose insulation. Sealing systems are designed to prevent oil inside the transformer from coming into contact with air. Air contains moisture, which causes sludging and an abundant supply of oxygen. Oxygen, in combination with moisture, causes greatly accelerated deterioration of the cellulose. This oxygenmoisture combination will greatly reduce service life of the transformer.

Sealing systems on many existing Reclamation power transformers are of the inert gas (nitrogen) pressure design; however, Reclamation has many other designs. Current practice is to buy only conservator designs with bladders for transformer voltages 115 kV and above and capacities above 10 MVA. Below these values, we buy only inert gas pressure system transformers, as depicted in figure 36 (page 79).

Some of the sealing systems are explained below. There may be variations of each design, and not every design is discussed. Early sealing system types are discussed first, followed by more modern types.

GlobeCore today is a large and diverse company. Over 200 specialists are working as a team from metal cutting to final assembly of the products.

GlobeCore office and employees. Oil Preservation Sealing Systems

The production facility is equipped in compliance with international industry standards: it features robotic plasma metal cutters, automated welding systems and modern PLC controlled machinery.

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