5.2 Cork-Nitrile


Cork-nitrile should be used if the joint does not have grooves or limits. This material performs better than cork-neoprene because it does not take a set as easily and conforms better to mating surfaces. It also performs better at higher temperatures. Be extra careful when you store this material because it looks like cork-neoprene (described in section 5.3), and they easily are mistaken for each other. Compression is the same as for cork-neoprene, about 45%. Cork-nitrile should recover 80% of its thickness with compression of 400 psi in accordance with ASTM F36. Hardness should be 60 to 75 durometer in accordance with ASTM D2240. (See published specifications for E-98 by manufacturer Dodge-Regupol Inc., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.)


Cork nitrile has a shelf life of only about 2 years, so do not order and stock more than can be used during this time.



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