5.7 Bolting Sequences to Avoid Sealing Problems

Bolting Sequences to Avoid Sealing Problems

If proper bolt tightening sequences are not followed or if improper torque is applied to the bolts, sealing problems will result (see figure 46). A slight bow in the flange or lid top (exaggerated for illustration) occurs, which applies uneven pressure to the gasket. This bow compromises the seal, and the gasket will eventually leak. Figure 47 illustrates proper bolting sequences for various type flanges/covers. Bolt numbers show the correct tightening sequences. The numbers do not have to be followed exactly; however, the diagonal tightening patterns should be followed. By using proper torque and the illustrated sequence patterns, sealing problems from improper tightening and uneven pressure on the gasket can be avoided. Use a torque wrench and torque bolts according to the head stamp on the bolt. Check the manufacturer’s instruction book for pancake gasket torque values.

Figure 47 Bolting Sequences

Figure 47 – Bolt Tightening Sequences Bolting Sequences

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