7.5 Oxygen in the oil

Oxygen in the oil

Oxygen must be watched closely in DGA tests. Many experts and organizations, including EPRI, believe that oxygen levels in the oil above 2,000 ppm greatly accelerate paper deterioration. This becomes even more critical with moisture above safe levels. Under the same temperature conditions, cellulose insulation in low oxygen oil will last 10 times longer than insulation in high oxygen oil [6]. It is recommended that if oxygen reaches 10,000 ppm in the DGA, the oil should be de-gassed and new oxygen inhibitor installed. High atmospheric gases (O2 and N2) normally mean that a leak has developed in a bladder or diaphragm in the conservator. If there is no conservator and pressurized nitrogen is on top of the oil, expect to see high nitrogen but not high oxygen. Oxygen comes only from leaks and from deteriorating insulation.

Oxygen in the oil

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