9.3.1 Insulation Power Factor Test

Insulation Power Factor Test

The purpose of this test is to determine the state of dryness of the windings and insulation system and to determine a power factor for the overall insulation, including bushings, oil, and windings. It is a measure of the ratio of the power (I2R) losses to the voltamperes applied during the test. The power factor obtained is a measure of watts lost in the total transformer insulation system, including the bushings. The power factor should not exceed 0.5% at 20 EC. Temperature correction of test results can be performed automatically on the Doble test set. The watts lost should not exceed one-half of one percent of the total power input (voltamperes) from the test. The values obtained at each test are compared to previous tests and baseline factory tests, and a trend can be established as the insulation system ages.


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