9.3 Doble Tests on Insulation

Doble Tests on Insulation

Doble testing is important to determine the condition of a transformer, because it can detect winding and bushing insulation integrity and problems in the winding and core. Doble tests are conducted in the field on de-energized transformers using special test equipment. Generally, a Doble M-4000 test set is used along with accompanying software. The software automatically performs analysis of test results and responds with a four letter code: G = Good, I = Investigate, D = Deteriorated, and B = Bad. These codes refer to insulation quality. If a “D” or “B” code is encountered, the insulation should be re-tested, carefully investigated, and the problem explained before re-energizing.

Other tests may have to be performed; and, perhaps, an internal inspection should be considered before the unit is re-energized. The Doble Company should be consulted, along with the transformer manufacturer, and other transformer experts. If the problem is severe, the unit may have to be taken out of service.


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Doble Tests on Insulation

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