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A Seminar on Wind Turbine Gearbox Lubrication System Maintenance to be Held in Mexico

The Mexican wind power industry is rapidly growing. The total power output of all wind farms was 5 MW, growing to 3527 MW by 2016. THe current trend should take the wind power output to 57 GW by 2045.

Commissioning new wind farms increases the strain on the facilities servicing the wind turbines. All maintenance operations, including gearbox oil change, now must be performed faster and better.

To share own experience in this field, GlobeCore and Confiamex held a seminar for alternative energy professionals in the city of Juchitan de Zaragoza (Oaxaca) on 4 September. It is only fitting that one of the largest wind power plants in Mexico with the total power output of 306 MW is operating in this state.

The topics discussed in the seminar were special considerations of wind turbine gearbox lubrication system maintenance, as well as oil change equipment. GlobeCore manufactures mobile CMM-G units, which significantly reduce the duration of time necessary to change the oil, and can also wash the gearbox before filling it with new oil.

The questions asked by the participants during the seminar was the best evidence that such equipment is necessary in the Mexican wind power industry. For more information, use one of the contacts in the corresponding section of our website.