GC engineers have just developed and constructed a new degassing plant CMM-6D

Breaking news! Our engineers have just developed and constructed a new degassing plant, the CMM-6D, which has been successfully tested and put into production. DEGASSING UNIT CMM-6D Degassing unit CMM-6D has been designed to clean electrical and turbine oils by removing mechanical impurities as well as water and gases using a thermal vacuum purification process. The main features of this degassing unit are: 1. Automatic Touch Pad Controls 2. Using only one oil pump 3. Operation is controlled automatically 4. Energy saving equipment: oil is heated according to pre-set performance standards 5. Vacuuming of many other types of equipment The purifier operates in the following modes:
  • «out vacuum mode»
  • «heating filtration mode»
  • «vacuum mode»
  • «degassing mode»
  • «manual mode»
Parameters: 1 Capacity, м3/hour
  • degassing, drying and filtration mode 2-6
  • heating and filtration mode 2-6
2* Properties of purified oil:
  • volumetric gas content % 0.5
  • volumetric water content, ppm, не более 5.0
  • filtration fineness, microns 1
3.Size and mass, mm
  • length 3700
  • width 1750
  • height 2320
4. Mass, kg 2600 Oil reclamation equipment will extend life of your transformers and safe your money.