Bulawayo became a second city in Zimbabwe to host GlobeCore presentations of equipment

Almost a year ago, GlobeCore organized presentations of  its equipment in Zimbabwe (Harare).

Unfortunately, not all interested industry representatives of this country were able to attend the event. Therefore, it was decided to hold a series of presentations. This time they took place on June 8 in the second largest city of Zimbabwe – Bulawayo.

During the presentations, the representative of our company discussed the following issues

  • Regeneration of insulating oils;
  • Regeneration of lubricating oils;
  • Vacuum treatment and drying of power transformers.

Traditionally, more attention was paid to stationary and mobile regeneration units, as well as the technology for servicing energized transformers. Also, the participants of the presentations observed the laboratory UVR unit and assessed the degree of cleaning of contaminated oil samples.

The presentations in Harare and Bulawayo showed that GlobeCore technologies are capable of solving the pressing challenges of Zimbabwe electrical industry