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GlobeCore company helped Ukrzaliznytsia railroad company in Ukraine

Railway company executives have ordered the transformer oil regeneration at one of their traction substations in the Lviv region from the GlobeCore company. Four GlobeCore specialists have taken care of the transformer by mean of three units for several days. This is about two СММ-6RL units and one CMM-1CF one. CMM-6RL units were developed byRead More


CLASSIC WAYS OF USED OIL PURIFICATION In today’s industrial environment, all the Used Oil Purification Methods are divided into such groups as: Physical Used Oil Purification Method; Chemical Used Oil Purification Method; Combined Method of Used Oil Purification. A particular purification method is chosen depending on the amount and the degree of the used oil’sRead More

Transformer Oil Density and Viscosity

Transformer oil temperature Chemical composition of transformer oil The density of transformer oil is one of the most important aspects of its physical characteristics.  Oil density will have a large impact on the operation of your electric power transformers.  It is therefore, important to pay close attention to oil density when filling or re-filling yourRead More

Seminar on insulating oils in Mexico

On November 18, 2021, a seminar dedicated to insulating oils was held in Tijuana (Mexico) with 30 representatives of the energy industry in Latin America as attendees. GlobeCore co-organized this event, and one of the keynote speeches was delivered by our service engineer Jose Mora. During the seminar, various matters related to the use ofRead More

GlobeCore equipment launch in Turkey

From October 17 to October 23, 2021, GlobeCore engineers were visiting Dargeçit (Turkey) where they held another equipment launch. As a result, СMM-8.0 unit became completely operable in Turkey. The main purpose of this unit is purification, drying, and degassing of electrical insulating and lubricating oils. In degassing, drying, and filtration mode, the equipment operatesRead More


Turbine oil purification machine CMM-4T

New video! Turbine oil purification machine CMM-4T. The GlobeCore СММ-4Т machine is designed for turbine oil treatment. Its purposes are oil purification, removal of solid particles and water. This unit extends the service life of turbine oil, gas and steam machinery, turbine equipment, electric power stations and the other industrial facilities.

Technical Meeting in Guatemala

In the end of October 2020 the service engineer of GlobeCore company Jose Mora visited the city of Guatemala at the invitation of one of the transmission energy companies. The purpose of the trip was  holding a technical meeting to exchange experiences and discuss important issues on the topic of transformer maintenance. In particular, thereRead More

Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Used Adsorbent Restoration

Adsorbents remain an efficient tool for purification and restoration of mineral oils.  However, saturated sorbents require reactivation for reuse. The reactivation processes, such as burning, generate harmful gases.  GlobeCore’s top priority is environmental friendliness of all oil treatment and transformer maintenance processes and equipment. To improve the environmental safety of waste sorbent reactivation, we suggestRead More

Our latest product: the CMM-4TM turbine oil purification machine

The new CMM-4TM is based on the current CMM-4T design. The new machine has the same dimensions (2060 mm length, 1130 mm width and 1980 mm height) and an added functionality of coalescent turbine oil purification, in addition to filtration and thermal vacuum drying. Oil passes through a special filter, where water molecules gather intoRead More

GlobeCore’s Invitation to IEEE PES T&D 2020

GlobeCore would like to invite all our partners to attend IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D 2020), to be held on 20-23 April in Chicago. IEEE PES T&D is one of the most prominent forums in the energy industry.  This year, IEEE PES T&D expects over 14000 visitors to discuss industry trendsRead More


GlobeCore in the Media: Clean Energy Magazine

The first issue of Clean Energy Magazine in 2020 (January/February) publishes an article by GlobeCore service Engineer Frank May.  The article, titled The Ultimate Recycling Process: Regenerating Transformer Oil So It’s Good As New, is dedicated to the issue of correct handling of used transformer oil. The article describes some of the existing methods ofRead More

GlobeCore Seminar in Mexicali

On 28 June 2019, GlobeCore in cooperation with TPyA (Tecnologías Predictivas y Automatización) held a seminar on dielectric oils in Mexicali. The seminar was attended by 35 visitors from Mexican transformer maintenance companies. GlobeCore’s Jose Mora addressed various ways of transformer lifetime extension. The report focused on transformer oil purification and regeneration, including processing ofRead More

GlobeCore Supports Young Football Players

GlobeCore sponsored a children’s mini-football tournament in Wüsting, Germany, on 30-31 March. Eight teams took part in the tournament, with players younger than 8 years old. Each match was an interesting and uncompromising competition, so the spectators were kept on their toes. Tournaments like Hallenturnier SF Wüsting U8 offer a great incentive for involvement ofRead More

Classification of Petrochemical Product Contamination

Many petrochemical products found use in the industry, different in terms of physical and chemical properties and the conditions of use. Impurities in these materials are also different in structure and composition, therefore they are classified by aggregate state, chemical composition and other parameters. Aggregate state classes are solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants. Solid contaminantsRead More

Transformer Oil Breakdown

Transformer oil is a common liquid dielectric used in many types of electrical equipment. It is most often used to increase the dielectric strength and cool transformer windings etc. One of the most important parameters of transformer oil is its dielectric strength. The minimal allowable dielectric strength is often strictly regulated. In general, the dielectricRead More

Environmental Impact of Used Oils

The environmental factors of waste oils include fire and explosion hazards, stability of composition of properties, toxicity, carcinogenic and mutagenic effects and biodegradability. These factors come into the picture when waste oil is interacting with the environment in the broad sense of the word: direct contact with the atmosphere, water and soil, with plants andRead More

Collection and Regeneration of Waste Oils

Oils used as lubes in machines and equipment, can to a large extent ((30…40 % and more) be collected into special containers of otherwise preserved. These oils are more or less different from new oil, depending on the conditions of use: use duration, temperature and nature of the lubricated surface. Waste oils from total-loss lubricationRead More

Operating Conditions and Aging of Turbine Oil

The conditions of turbine oil operation in a turbine generator are heavy due to a range of unfavorable factors. High temperature Heating of oil in the presence of air causes intensive oxidation and other changes in the oil. Due to evaporation of volatile fractions, viscosity grows, emulsification stability decreases etc. The heating of oil mostlyRead More

oil purifier

GlobeCore Oil Purifier: Types of Principles of Operation

Oil purifier machines are used in just about all industries, because of the variety of oil-filled equipment. The energy sector uses oil to insulate and cool power transformer, machine building uses oil to protect friction parts of machines, for cooling and protection against corrosion. Not a single vehicle with an internal combustion engine can moveRead More

transformer oil conditioning

Transformer Oil Conditioning: Basic Principles and Equipment

The need for transformer oil conditioning arises when the oil is prepared for transformer filling, or when the oil already in the transformer deteriorates (acidity, dissipation factor, dielectric strength etc). Parameters of fresh transformer oil must meet certain requirements. However, the insulation fluid often becomes contaminated with dust, water and gas during transportation. Sunlight andRead More

Rinçage d’huile

The Impact of Oil Purification of Transformer Oil Aging

Usual guaranteed transformer oil lifetime is 6-8 years. In most cases, the service life before reclamation of changing the oil is over 10 years. Careful operation extends the lifetime of the oil to 20-25 years, and even 30 years for well purified oil in transformers with regular expansion tanks. Incorrect use may reduce the serviceRead More

Oil Filled Transformer Repair Equipment

Oil-filled transformers are a part of electricity distribution and transmission networks. Uninterrupted operation of transformers keeps powers our houses. And just as any other machine, these electrical device age and fail, causing serious problems. To prevent that, electrical power companies and facilities perform corrective maintenance and overhauls on the transformer equipment. Regular maintenance helps identifyRead More

Purification of Transformer Oil in X-ray Machines with the CMM-0.4 Unit

X-ray machines are used for medical or industrial purposes. The former are used for diagnosis of illnesses, while the latter help find defects in metal and non-metal structures (non-destructive control). Normal operation of an X-ray tube (XRT) requires high voltage, which may, depending on the purpose of the X-ray machine, reach as high as tensRead More

Hydraulic Oil Purification Using Filtration Method

In most cases, hydraulic oil is used in the equipment which is sensitive to contamination.  Terefore, the defined technical requirements for these fluids are clear enough, and product manufacturers try to comply with them. It’s not so long ago that all main consumers of hydraulic oil (machine tools, presses, etc.) were equipped with special filtersRead More

Purification of Used Transformer Oil

Power transformers are the most expensive part of electric networks equipment. Perhaps this is why a large amount of such equipment has already exceeded its estimated service life.  Not every electric power company can afford spending lots of money on transformer replacement.  Therefore, the task of improving reliability of the existing fleet of power transformersRead More

Exploitation of Transformer Oil

Quality of transformer oil is an unstable property which is caused by the influence of a number of negative factors.  Oxidation may be considered the most significant factor. The impact of sunlight, high temperatures, as well as some other factors contributes to the development of transformer oil oxidation.  As a result, acids may form inRead More

Separation Method of Oil Purification

Petroleum oil is essential in many industries, performing heat dissipation, lubricating, protective and other functions.  But during operation, they are affected by many negative factors, which include friction, exposure to high temperatures, atmospheric oxygen and mechanical dirt particles.  As a result, the oil begins to lose its properties and can not fully carry out itsRead More

Waste Oils Reclaiming as Exemplified by the European Union Countries

Waste Oils Reclaiming as Exemplified by the European Union Countries

Much attention in the European Union (EU) is traditionally paid to the issue of recycling of waste of different origin. Waste petroleum oil is no exception. When released into the environment, it can cause the death of animals, contamination of ground and drinking water, as well as the violation of virtually all biological links inRead More

GlobeCore Invitation to Seminar in Guatemala

GlobeCore is pleased to announce a seminar for electrical industry specialists, to be held on 25 February 2019 in Antigua, Guatemala.    The seminar will include a discussion of transformer reliability and life extension, as well as purification and regeneration of transformer oil. The event will be held at Santo Domingo del Cerro, Edificio EfraínRead More

oil purifier

Waste Oil Purification

Contaminant Composition Aging of mineral oil occurs due to accumulation of contaminants with adverse effects on the operation of engines and machines. When motor oils become contaminated, the wear of the piston engine parts and carbon deposition increases, oil conduits and filters become clogged, normal operation and temperature of friction parts and the engine areRead More

The Nature of Transformer Oil Aging

Transformer oil is usually used in less severe conditions compared to motor oil. Used motor oil cannot be practically regenerated without some hard processes (high temperatures and pressure, solvents etc), since they are used at elevated temperatures. The chemical basis of the oil is subjected to strong destructive forces in such conditions; besides, the presenceRead More


Energized and De-Energized Hot Oil Cleaning of Transformers

Reliability and efficiency of modern electrical grids depends on power transformers. Transformer failures are down time can be very costly. All things considered (the cost of a new transformer, disposal of the failed transformer, transportation, installation etc), the expenses may run into millions of dollars. The primary cause of transformer failure is damaged insulation, whichRead More

Wind Turbine Oil Flushing

Wind Turbine Oil Flushing

Wind Turbine Flushing is a process used in many types of industrial equipment to prevent faults related to the oil system. This article deals with oil flushing of hydraulic systems and wind turbine gearboxes. The purpose of  Wind Turbine flushing When oil filled equipment is operated, several processes influence the quality of oil. These areRead More

GlobeCore Holds a Seminar in Mexico

A seminar on purification and regeneration of industrial oils, as well as power transformer servicing, was held in Mexico City on 29 November 2018. This seminar became one of the most attended events recently held by GlobeCore. The number of participants reached approximately 100, representing 40 companies from Mexico, Salvador and Guatemala, which are relatedRead More

Best in the word oil purification

GlobeCore is a world leader oil purification and filtration machines

GlobeCore began in 1969. It was then when a new company, originally serving the agricultural industry, was formed. Today GlobeCore is a world leader in the production of oil purification and filtration machines. In this article we show the progress of our company in the last 50 years. The focus of purification and regeneration ofRead More

GlobeCore at Concapan-2018

One of the largest events in the Central American electric energy industry, Concapan-2018, was held on 7 – 9 November in San Salvador. GlоbeCore participated in the event in cooperation with out partner, Grupo Saytec S. A. de C. V. Visitors of our combined exhibition booth were able to see the the CMM-4/7 unit. ThisRead More

Purification and Reclamation of Turbine Oil

One of the main reasons of failures and damages of turbine oil systems (regulating, lubricating and shaft sealing) is loss of performance properties of turbine oils. It is due to the fact that some energy facilities are at a final stage of their exploitation. Besides the existing methods of oil analysis as well as equipmentRead More

turbine oil filtration

Transformer Oil Viscosity

Transformer oil is a product obtained from crude oil.  It is used as electrical insulation material, for heat dissipation and arc-extinguishing, as well as the medium protecting solid insulation from air and moisture.  As you can see, the list of tasks is rather large, which poses certain demands to the properties of transformer oil.  InRead More

Transformer Oil Properties

Transformer oil is intended for insulation of energized parts of power transformers from deenergized elements, as well as for heat transfer to cooling systems.  This product is used in many transformers, although some may also use the so-called synthetic oil.  There are also transformers operating without oil. Transformer oil is produced by purification of crudeRead More

Bleaching Clay

It has recently become obvious that regeneration is the best way of dealing with used oil. It allows to return the waste into the production processes and reuse the oil. Regeneration also reduces environmental loads. It has been calculated that if collection and regeneration of waste oil is done properly, the cost of the productRead More

Filter: Types of Filter Media

Filtration, despite rapid development of science and technology, is still an important part of industrial fluid purification. A filter predominantly separates solids and water. Filtration is a common process, applied alone or in combination with other approaches. It all depends on the purity requirements and the initial composition of contaminants. The effectiveness of filtration isRead More

turbine oil system

Transmission oil

Everything you need for transmission oil, turbine oil, transformers oil, oil rehabilitation. Do you service of your turbine, transformer or a car’s transmission components in proper time? If so or not, then it’s time to get with the Oil Filtration Process, The GlobeCore’s Process! Here at GlobeCore we are committed to serving the turbines, transformers,Read More

CMM-10 Commissioning in Indonesia

A GlobeCore team visited Jakarta, Indonesia on 18 – 28 October 2018 to commission yet another unit. This time, a CMM-10 unit entered service in one of Jakarta’s transformer substations. This type of equipment is used to purify electrical insulation oil, removing solid particles, water and gases; the unit can also evacuate power transformers. DependingRead More

An Invitation from GlobeCore to Visit Concapan-2018

GlobeCore invites everyone to visit Concapan-2018, the largest exhibition in Central America, which will be held in San Salvador (Crowne Plaza Hotel) on 7-9 November. This is the 38th Concapan exhibitions for managers and specialists working in the electrical power industry. The exhibition is an excellent opportunity to learn about new solutions to the industry’sRead More

A СММ-10 Unit Servicing Transformer Substations in Kenya

GlobeCore engineers spent a week in Kenya (1 – 7 October) to commission a CMM-10 unit. The unit was installed at Suswa substation and was used to purify electrical insulation oil and to fill transformers with the oil. The capacity of the CMM-10 in degassing, drying and filtration mode is 10 m3/hour. With initial gasRead More

transformer oil change

Two Units Commissioned in Italy

Another commissioning of GlobeCore equipment took place on 5-7 September in Italy. This type, two CMM units with the capacities of 0.7 and 4 m3/hour were commissioned. These units are best suited for companies which operate, repair or service various oil-filled electrical equipment, such as transformer, high voltage switchgear, tap changers etc. The CMM unitsRead More

oil purification

Oil Purification in Industrial Facilities

Before we go for an in depth discussion of oil purification, let us look at the history and development of lubrication materials. It is impossible to say for certain, when a lubrication material first came into use. It probably happened about the time when humans started using tools. Ancient Egyptians used olive oil to reduceRead More

Insulating Oil

Oil Flushing Service

Oil Flushing is used in hydraulic and turbine system to remove any bad contaminants. It prevents you from unfortunate failures in functioning of your plants.  Therefore it gives you an opportunity to prolong its service life and reliability of operation of turbines. Oil Flushing is performed through cleaning of the system and bringing the fuelRead More

Dave seminar

GlobeCore invites to the seminar in Houston

GlobeCore with GC Technologies is planning a seminar for old and new customers. Date: June 14, 2018. Location: 1110 Paige St, Houston, Texas 77003 Seminar program: Discussion of the effect of the oil aging processes on the efficiency of power transformers; Report on “Transformer oils purification and regeneration units from GlobeCore”; Demonstration of the purificationRead More

transformer oil dehydration

Transformer Oil Dehydration

In this article, we will describe the process of transformer oil dehydration. You will read about the danger of moisture in insulation oil, what kinds of moisture there can be and learn of the most efficient methods of removing that moisture. The current transformer oil testing standards regulate the primary parameters and properties of theRead More

Transformer Oil Deterioration

Transformer Oil Deterioration

Transformer oil deterioration is a number of changes in the insulation fluid which occur during operation of a transformer. These usually result in degradation of physical, chemical and operational properties of the oil. The quality of the oil deteriorates to the point when it becomes apparent that the fluid is reaching the end of itsRead More

Portable oil filtration systems with capacity 600 liters per hour

In this video, we introduce the CMM-0.6 unit, one with the smallest processing capacity (up to 600 liters/hour) among GlobeCore transformer oil degassing and filtration units. The information will be of use for clients interested not only in processing oil from power transformers, but also in servicing switches, connectors, tap voltage changers, reactors, etc.

Oil purification machine. Stainless System for Transformer Oil Degassing

This video showcases one of our most popular and recognizable units: the CMM-4/7. The demand for this unit is high due to its versatility and wide range of functions (degassing, dehydration, purification and heating of transformer oil, evacuation and vacuum drying of transformers) as well as mobility, which gives it the capability to service transformersRead More

Hydraulic Oil Filter System

Hydraulic Oil Filter System

Hydraulic system of special equipment is a set of hydraulic devices that are part of the hydraulic drive. Hydraulic units are expensive and high-precision elements, without which it is impossible to perform and perform intensive heavy work of special equipment in conditions of any complexity. So the equipment needs proper hydraulic oil filter system, becauseRead More


GlobeCore in the Press: Water Technology Magazine

The March-April 2018 issue of Water Technology magazine published an article written by GlobeCore’s Frank May, titled Improving Efficiency of Electroplating Wastewater Treatment. The article deals with important features of the modern electroplating and their environmental impact. The article mostly focuses on wastewater treatment, analyzing the advantages and limitations of the current treatment methods and reviewing the capabilitiesRead More

Oil Quality Improvement

Industrial Oil Quality Improvement

The industrial oils, such as transformer, turbine, insulating, lubricating, demand special attention. The correct operation and safety of various industrial equipment directly depends on their condition. So industrial oil quality improvement creates a good perspective for the work of transformers and other similar devices. Industrial Oil Quality Indicators It is important to remember and followRead More


GlobeCore Equipment Presented in Thailand

On 19-23 March 2018, GlobeCore held presentations of the company’s products in Bangkok, Thailand. The events were based in the local companies dealing with oil filled equipment, and included two parts, theoretical and practical. The former focused on petrochemical purification and regeneration equipment, such as equipment to remove particulate matter, water and gas and regenerationRead More

vacuum oil filter machine

Vacuum Oil filter Machine

Oil degradation is a wide-spread problem in industries using oil-filled transformer equipment. There are many causes of the degrading or aging of industrial oil. Of course, oil “ages in service”, but mostly it ages because it oxidizes, forming oxidation compounds and aging products. The rate of oxidation goes different depending on a number of factors.Read More

IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

Participation in IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

The 2018 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition isn’t just the industry’s signature show — it’s an all-encompassing, immersive and global conference experience like no other. Here you’ll join top utility CEOs and some of the world’s brightest engineers in discovering the latest T&D products, ideas and innovations leading the industry forward toRead More

Dave seminar

Globecore invites to the seminar in texas

In our constant effort to provide a superior product with exceptional service, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new sales office and service center, complete with technicians and inventory, in the USA.  Our new dealer, Dave Wilson, with GC Technologies, at 1110 Paige St, Houston, Texas 77003, 713-699-3388,, 713-202-7983 (cell) isRead More

oil cleaning

Industrial Oil Cleaning

Industrial OIL CLEANING : BASIC METHODS Petroleum base oils are indispensable in many industries, performing heat-removing, lubricating, protective functions etc.  Oils are constantly exposed to many negative factors, which include friction, exposure to high temperatures, oxygen, pollution by mechanical particles. As a result, oil begins to lose its properties and can not continue to performRead More


GlobeCore Opens a New Service Center in Costa-Rica

Dear friends! We are happy to announce that a new service center commenced operations in Costa-Rica in November 2017. This service center will assist our clients throughout the Latin America. A stock of spare parts will be made available to the clients. It is also possible to visit the new service center to purify andRead More

Oil Purifier

Oil Purifier from GlobeCore

An oil purifier is a device designed to remove harmful impurities (solid particles, water and gases) from oil. Oil purifier: what was it like before? At first, large sedimentation tanks were used as oil purifiers. Contaminated oil was kept in the tanks for a period of time. Large impurities in the oil gradually settled onRead More

Oil Dehydrator

Oil Dehydrator

Oil Dehydration Industrial oil must not contain water. So it is an issue for oil systems. Nevertheless, water removal is possible and easy to do with oil dehydrator. Though, only a few sources can give the real facts of unfortunate water contaminant in industrial oil. The oil dehydration is classical industrial equipment service, but weRead More

oil processing

Oil Processing

Oil Processing methods and equipment Oil processing is the best way to save money on purchasing new oil. Experience indicates that regular oil processing prolongs the life of oil and oil-filled equipment. Below we examine the basic techniques of oil processing and equipment. Oil processing by sedimentation This method is suitable for oil that hasRead More

Oil maintenance GlobeCore

Oil maintenance of power transformers and hydraulic systems

Power transformers are an essential part of the modern electric power industry. Their reliability ensures power supply to large industrial facilities and residential consumers. In this article we will learn about transformer oil, which is an important part of transformer insulation system, and oil maintenance. Let’s start with oil functions. Oil in a transformer isolatesRead More

Filter Cart

Portable oil filter cart CMM-0,6

Portable oil filter cart CMM-0.6 is designed for cleaning industrial oils with a maximum viscosity of up to 70 cts at a temperature of 50 °C. During operation, transformer oil is oxidized and contaminated.  Transformer tank with a liquid dielectric accumulates moisture, impurities and gas. They significantly reduce the insulating properties of transformer oil. OxidationRead More

Upgrading СММ – 1,0

September this year,  GlobeCore design department presented a modernized CMM-1.0 mobile oil station. A new CMM-1H unit is designed for deep cleaning of electrical insulating oils from mechanical impurities, dissolved gases and water. It operates on the principle of thermal vacuum drying. This method is economical, low-cost and energy-efficient. A new mobile oil station hasRead More

Aceite aislante para transformadores

Transformer Insulating Oil

Transformer Insulating Oil Electrical transformers need an adequate insulation. One of the most important components of insulation system is transformer insulating oil. It is a fluid or liquid substance that is common for transformer system and known as the most popular insulating material all over the world. Transformer Insulation System Each transformer has its ownRead More

Oil Cleaning System

Oil Cleaning System

Oil Cleaning System Cleaning of oils is a difficult process. Oil cleaning system should include technologies and methodology, that are known to science and were tested in practice. Some companies can use simple сlassical ways as sedimentation of water and mechanical impurities. Some companies have their own unique developments as specially designed GlobeCore plants andRead More

Single-Phase Transformer

Single-Phase Transformer

Single-Phase Transformer Single-phase transformer may be connected to obtain three-phase power.These are found at many Reclamation facilities, at shops, offices, and warehouses. ANSI standard connections are illustrated below in the following figures. There are other angular displacements that will work but are seldom used. Do not attempt to connect single-phase units together in any combinationRead More

Commissioning of the СММ-2,2 plant in Saudi Arabia

The commissioning was scheduled on 5-8 of August in Jizan (Saudi Arabia) where GlobeCore employees started up the CMM-2-2 plant. The unit is set in a container, mounted on a single axle trailer and can operate in the following modes: Heating and filtration of oil; Thermal vacuum drying of oil; Vacuum treatment of other equipment.Read More

Three-Phase Transformer

Three-Phase Transformer

Three-Phase Transformer There are main different types of oil transformers, that we can discuss. Figures below show principles of single-phase and three-phase transformer. We can also look at special tecnological devises and methods, that can optimise and improve oil transformers. Three-phase power is attainable with one three-phase transformer, which is constructed with three single-phase unitsRead More

turbine oil filtration


Oil ages differently depending on the type of oil, configuration of the system the oil is used in, its temperature etc. Contamination, however, is a significant factor which accelerates oil aging. Mechanical parts, wheels, gears and hydraulic cylinders wear with time, forming solid particles. The abrasive particles increase the wear of mechanical parts drastically. TurbineRead More

GlobeCore at WETEX 2016 international exhibition

October 4-6, 2016 Dubai (UAE) hosted the 18th WETEX 2016 International exhibition, organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). This year, WETEX attracted more than 1500 participants (700 companies) from more than 40 countries. The exhibition showcased such technologies as water treatment, energy and environmental protection. WETEX helps its participants expand the sales, presentRead More

The commissioning of a CMM-0.6 oil degassing unit in Italy

October 5, 2016: GlobeCore technical support engineers launch yet another unit for transformer oil purification. This time, the launch took place in Carpenedolo (province of Brescia, Italy) with the commissioning of a CMM-0.6 mobile unit. Its purpose is to remove mechanical impurities from transformer oil and to dry the oil under vacuum. Transformer oil mustRead More

GlobeCore will participate WETEX exhibition in Dubai 04-06 October 2016.

WETEX exhibition 04-06 October 2016. WETEX exhibition, Hall 3, Stall No. BD14. Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre About Wetex In line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and under the patronage of His Highness SheikhRead More


GlobeCore presented its equipment in Zimbabwe

GlobeCore specialists regularly organize seminars and presentations in different countries. August 10-12, GlobeCore service and technical support manager Frank May visited Harare (Zimbabwe), where he presented oil processing equipment. The discussion focused on reasons for deterioration of insulating oil and failures of power transformers and solutions to these problems. GlobeCore offered units for purification andRead More

Essential oil filtration

Essential oil filtration

Laboratory unit for Vacuum transformer & essential oil filtration GlobeCore UVRL is designed for filtration and lightening of electrical insulation, turbine, industrial mineral oils. The viscosity of the filtered product at 50 С must not exceed 70 cSt, maximum moisture content no more than 200 g/ton. Industrial oil can be filtered after removal ofRead More

Gas Pressure Control Components

After 1 month of service and yearly, inspect the gas pressure control components. There is normally an adjustable, three-element, pressure control system for inert gas, which maintains a pressure range of 0.5 to 5 psi in the transformer tank. There is also a bleeder valve that exhausts gas to atmosphere when pressure exceeds relief pressureRead More

Comparison of Silicone Oil and Mineral Oil Transformers

Comparison of Silicone Oil and Mineral Oil Transformers Some general conclusions can be drawn by comparing silicone oil and mineral oil transformers. 1. All silicone oil-filled transformers will have a great deal more CO than normal mineral oil-filled transformers. CO can come from two sources—the oil itself and from degradation of paper insulation. If theRead More

Vacuum Model UVD-4

Vacuum Model UVD-4, manufactured by GlobeCore, is used for topping off oil into high-voltage transformer bushings and circuit breakers. It is also used for preparing the transformer for its initial operation, degasing, storage and transporting to power plants, substations and other power and industrial plant locations. With the UVD-4 piston design, oil filling is performedRead More

Industrial hydraulics: main considerations and guidelines

Industrial hydraulics: main considerations and guidelines While operating hydraulic equipment, a schedule of operating liquid analysis must be established. Another important point is to define all potential weak spots where contamination may enter the system. Dissemination of operating liquid analysis results in various stages of operation allows to promptly respond and improve filtration of theRead More

Reporting at Middle East Electricity Exhibition by PC GlobeCore

GlobeCore is a leading manufacturer of various equipment, such as transformer oil purification and regeneration plants, transformer evacuation machines, equipment to freeze impurity out of windings and oil filling equipment. We employ over 250 people of staff. Manufacturing facility is located in Oldenburg, Germany. Our products are well known in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, MiddleRead More

GlobeCore reported at seminar in Jordania

A seminar in Jordania partners was held in Amman, Jordan, on 15 April. GlobeCore’s representatives Daria Shaddad and Yevheniy Svirid participated in the event by presenting GlobeCore’s products for regeneration and purification fo transformer oil, as well as equipment for evacuation of air, non-agressive gases and vapo/gas mix from transformers. More details at source: GlobeCore reportedRead More

CMM-10-10-M transformer oil processing plant: now in Saudi Arabia

Transformer oil processing plant In April, GlobeCore fulfilled the order of one of the Saudi electric energy companies for supply and commissioning of a CMM-10-10M transformer oil purification system. The plant removes gas, water and solid particles from electric insulation oils and heats the oil. The CMM-10-10-M may be used during installation, repair and operationRead More