Сement Crushing

Cement Crushing
Cement manufacturing is always one of the most actual and perspective industry. Cement is always important component for building. That’s why the new electromagnetic cement crushing machine is a valuable discovery of advanced technologies. It provides unique physical process. This machine can provide effective development of special concrete features.

What for we need Сement Crushing ?

Cement crushing mashine can create such a substance as microcement. This unique material is an option for modern building and repair works. There are different types of cement crushing and other similar processing equipment. However one of the latest and the most perspective invention are mashines with electromagnetic features. Electromagnetic field is a state of the art technology which can intensify phisical and chemical processes. Microcement is a type of modified production that has it’s own particularities:
  1. First of all it is impermiable and wear-resistant material
  2. It can be easily apply it on different surfaces: concrete, wood, tile, gypsum, particleboard / MDF boards, metal, ceramics, etc.
  3. It can be used directly without dismantling of old material
Microcement usually has thikness of 1-3 mm.

Other Buildind Materials Crushing

Nano-Modified Concrete

One of the most important trends in construction materials science is the development of concrete of a new generation – superdense and high-strength, ultraporous, highly heat-efficient, highly corrosion-resistant, etc.

Cellular Сoncrete

Cellular concrete is an artificial building stone, in which small, 1-1.5 mm in diameter, filled with air pores. It is obtained as a result of the solidification of a mixture of a binder, water and a silica component previously inflated with a gasifier. The less size pores have the better uniformity and quality is/ To achieve this, a uniform is necessary to use aluminum powder in the mass. It increase  the dispersion degree. The use of AVS helps to prepare aluminium powder has completely avoided the coagulation of aluminum particles, increase their activity, gas yield and homogeneity of the mixture.

Microcement usage

This material is nowadays commonly used in interior decoration. It is new popular stuff for floor, walls or even pieces of furniture. The cement crushing machine allows to create modified concrete or cement, which is useful in many spheres and redusec costs on the sources. Microcement can be used for making stairs, furniture, countertops, bathrooms, shower cabins, pallets, etc. It is possible to reproduce the surface of polished concrete with a minimum thickness of the coating update the existing surface without dismantling the old material. Microcement allows you to create seamless coatings, logos, graphic elements. Cement crushing can make a new-like product from existant simple cement or concrete. This possibility opens more oportunity for nowaday’s industry and technological process.

Electromagnetic Technologies

Usage of electromagnetic fields is one of the ways of physical processes. Principle of electromagnetic device process is transformation of the electromagnetic field into other types of energy. It takes part inside multicomponent systems. Electromagnetic field – is the field of field of electromagnetic interaction between physical objects. The main important characterisrics of EMF are energy, mass and impulse. Crusial features for electromagnetic devices are geometric sizes of working chamber and electromagnetic field in working area. Also one of the physical properties of electromagnetic field is tension. Electromagnetic field strenth depends on design of machine. It can comprehend 6.4×104to 20.0×104 A/m. The important demand is homogeniti of electromagnetic field. According to this creating of unit that meets all parameters is difficult but important.

AVS Cement Crushing

GlobeCore produces special equipment  which is based on usage of electromagnetic field. AVS is a type of units. One of the newest possibilities of AVS using is cement crushing. The technology of building materials producing through AVS is of great interest in the production of nano-modified concrete, cement with high fineness of grinding, heavy-duty silicate brick, etc. AVS Electromagmetic Mill has further functuins in cement and concrete processing:
  • preparation of multicomponent suspensions and emulsions;
  • grinding of solid dry material;
  • intensification of various physical and chemical processes with building materials, that are possible to do in another way

Other Possibilities with AVS

AVS machines are rather multifunctional and can be used in different spheres.
  • Food Products Industry
  1. increase of microbiological stability of food products and activation of yeast in bakery production;
  2. improving the quality of semi-finished products and finished products from meat and fish;
  3. intensification of extraction processes, including in the preparation of broths, the production of berry drinks (juices), pectin, etc.;
  4. for the preparation of suspensions and emulsions of enhanced microbiological safety in the food industry without the use of stabilizers
  5. production of protein material from yeast cells
  • Industrial wastewater treatment  
  1. clearing from different impurement (phenol, formaldehyde, heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide compounds)

 AVS Сonstruction

There are two tipes of AVS-100 and AVS-150. The most importent part of both maсhines is a working chamber (pipeline) with a diameter of 90-136 mm, which is located in the inductor of a rotating electromagnetic field. In the working area of the pipeline there are cylindrical ferromagnetic elements 0.5-5 mm in diameter and 5-60 mm in length from a few tens to several hundred pieces (0.05-5 kg) depending on the volume of the working zone

Cement Crushing


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