Commissioning of СММ-2,2 unit for purification of dielectric silicone oil in Italy

September 17, GlobeCore CMM-2.2 was commissioned in Foligno (Umbria Region), Italy. This equipment is designed for silicone oil purification.

This type of oil is a modern lubricant, which has a large number of silicon atoms in its composition. Hence the name of the product (silicon in Latin – silicium).

Silicone oil is widely used in the automotive, light and heavy industries, in the production of absorbers and protection of electrical equipment.

An Italian company, where the unit was commissioned, uses silicone oil in locomotive transformers.

The unit’s test was realized in 2 stages – cleaning of used oil and filtration of new oil.

We note that before cleaning each  type of oil on CMM- 2.2 it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • rinse the unit to avoid mixing different types of oil (mineral and silicone);
  • replace filter elements in filters;
  • replace the filter actuator in the vacuum chamber.

We would like to express gratitude to our Italian colleagues, in particular the representative of LubeTeam Hydraulic Antonio Pisaniello, who commented the commissioning results: “We were present at the commissioning of the equipment for filtration of silicone oil for railway locomotive 402B of Ansaldo / Hitachi to in Foligno. The start up was successful. I am satisfied with the work done. I thank you and until the next time”.