Commissioning of GlobeCore Equipment in Bangladesh

GlobeCore equipment was commissioned in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in the first quarter of this year.

One of the local electric power companies purchased a CMM-4 and a CMM-6 units to service their power transformers. This type of equipment is well suited for such tasks as:

1) removal of particulate matter, water and gas from transformer oil;

2) heating of transformer oil;

3) transformer evacuation.

The СММ-4 (СММ-6) unit performs a comprehensive oil treatment process, filtering the oil and subjecting it to heat and vacuum.

After passing through the СММ-4 (СММ-6) the purity of the oil is equivalent or better than -/14/12 according to ISO 4406 standard (gas content below 0.1% and moisture content by mass below 5 ppm).

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