Essential oil filtration

Essential oil filtration
Laboratory unit for Vacuum transformer & essential oil filtration GlobeCore UVRL is designed for filtration and lightening of electrical insulation, turbine, industrial mineral oils. The viscosity of the filtered product at 50 С must not exceed 70 cSt, maximum moisture content no more than 200 g/ton. Industrial oil can be filtered after removal of feuel, water, oxyacids, polycarbons and asphaltenes.

Essential oil filtration unit consists of:

  1.   filtration pod;
  2.   frame;
  3.   vacuum chamber;
  4.   vacuum pump;
  5.  piping;
The filtration pod is a vessel, half-filled with sorbent which purifies the percolating oil. Sorbent and oil are put into the pod from the top. The bottom of the pod has a lid, which provides vacuumisation and can help with extraction of saturated sorbent. It is also pumpes filtered oil out. The external surface of the pod is wrapped with an electric heater tape and insulated. The frame – this is a metal structure supporting all the unit’s components. The Vacuum chamber – is a rectangular vessel filled with filtered oil. The top part of the vessel is equipped with a ball valve to connect the chamber with the vacuum pump. The bottom of the vessel is equipped with a ball valve, through which the oil is sucked into the vacuum vessel, and a valve to drain the oil. The vessel is also equipped with a visual liquid level meter and a vacuum gauge. The Vacuum pump creates vacuum in the vacuum chamber.

Principle of operation.

1.5 kg of regeneration powder is poured into the oil filtration pod. The vacuum pump creates vacuum in the vacuum chamber. The vacuum is indicated by the vacuum meter. The oil comes into the oil filtration pod, oil heating is engaged. The oil then passes through the filtering powder and flows to the vacuum chamber. The level of oil in the vacuum chamber is indicated by the level meter welded into the chamber. Filtered oil flows from the vacuum chamber through valve MV1. An oil filter is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. fine filtration units are offline units that will circulate the oil in the reservoir of the machine leaving you clean and dry oil. Oil Filter System is a bypass oil filtration system that eliminates water and particulates to submicronic levels by slowly passing through adsorbent. GlobeCore Manufactures a variety of filtration systems designed to remove particulates, water, dissolved gases, and acids from hydraulic, lubrication, and dielectric fluids.