Globecore and Apfelbaum Announce their joint presentation at the 5th Annual Seminar of WEIDMANN/PROLEC-GE 2014

GlobeCore and Apfelbaum announce their joint presentation at the 5th annual WEIDMANN/PROLEC-GE 2014 seminar in Monterrey City, Mexico. GlobeCore GmbH and Apfelbaum S.A. de C.V. are pleased to invite you to attend our presentation at the 5th annual Seminar of WEIDMANN/PROLEC-GE 2014 in Monterrey, México to be held from 20 through 23 May 2014. At the presentation, GlobeCore and Apfelbaum will demonstrate their new CMM-R unit that will completely regenerate the dielectric insulating oil found into today’s modern electric power transformer. Our presentations/demonstrations will start on 23 May and run from 13:45 – 14:45 each day.  The presentations will be conducted by Mr. Octavio Manzano, manager of Apfelbaum S.A. de C.V, and by Ms. Olga Vorkun on behalf of GlobeCore GmbH. During the presentations we are going to cover the following topics:
  1. Oil regeneration technology featuring a “Fullers Earth” sorbent material that will lower the acid number of the oil,  increase its dielectric strength and extend the service life of the oil without     affecting the quality of its properties.
  2. Due to the improvement of the physico-chemical properties of the oil, and the complete cleaning of contamination from the core, windings, and solid insulation, the service life of the transformer can be extended between five (5) to ten (10) years or even longer.
  3. Fullers Earth:
    • Automatic sorbent reactivation without removing and reloading during processing jobs.
    • Useful Sorbent life up to 300 regeneration cycles over a 2 to 3 year period.  .
We invite you to attend our presentation and learn about the GlobeCore Process!