GlobeCore/ GlobeCore invites participants to the electric power…

GlobeCore invites participants to the electric power seminar in Peru

Dear friends! GlobeCore invites you to attend the Analysis Regeneration And Purification Of Oil To Extend The Life of Transformers seminar, which will be held on 29 November at Av Giuseppe Garibaldi 396, Jesús María 15072 Lima Perú.

The seminar will be of interest for electric power company owners, engineers, research and development personnel as well as specialists involved in servicing and repairs of transformers.

The topics for discussion at the seminar include:

  • modern trends in transformer maintenance;
  • special characteristics and features of processes and equipment for transformer oil purification;
  • oil regeneration as the primary means to extend transformer life etc.

A practical part is also planned, which will include regeneration of low quality oil using a UVR laboratory scale machine.

Contact Juan Carlos Ruiz Tellez at +5116234018 or email and for participation details and other info.