GlobeCore invites participants to the transformer oil regeneration webinar

Webinar: Transformer Oil Regeneration. Part 1. Theoretical aspects

We will introduce the following subtopics:

  • Regulations around dielectric oil regeneration processes.
  • Oil parameters related to the regeneration of dielectric oil.
  • Dielectric oil acidity.
  • Costs associated with the regeneration of dielectric oil.
  • Procedures and scope for oil regeneration.

Date: Thursday 10 September
English: 10:00 AM GMT +3 (or 9:00 AM Berlin local time);
Russian: 12:00 PM GMT +3 (or 12:00 PM Moscow local time);
French: 2:00 PM GMT +3 (or 12:00 PM Rabat local time);
Portuguese: 4:00 PM GMT +3 (or 2:00 PM Luanda local time);
English (North America): 6:00 PM GMT +3 (or 11:00 AM New York local time)
Platform: Zoom.
Duration: 60 minutes.
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