GlobeCore secrets: how to prolong service life of equipment up to 20 years and more

GlobeCore secrets

One of the most frequent questions asked to our company is equipment reliability. Customers are interested not only in unit price but also in warranty period, service life and time to failure. Today we will tell you how we assure quality parameters which guarantee time-proof and faultless operation of GlobeCore products.

Before painting, metal surfaces are sandblasted – this helps to prolong service life of surfaces significantly. Before equipment is shipped to a customer, it passes compulsory testing at the testing department in conditions similar to real operation. In particular, GlobeCore quality test program includes environmental testing. This is to determine how equipment withstands vibration, shocks, temperature, humidity, etc, all in accordance with current standards. This helps to ensure plants are safe during transportation, regardless of external influence (waves hitting the side of the ship, air eddies, rough roads), as well as their reliable operation in severe conditions.

What and how our equipment does

GlobeCore equipment purifies transformer oils, removing mechanical impurities, water and gases; it also restores their properties and important parameters allowing further trouble-free operation of power transformers. This result is achieved due to application of both classic and modern technologies: impact of temperature and vacuum, treatment with adsorbents, vacuum micro-filtration, etc.

Why it is useful

Application of oil treatment equipment produced by GlobeCore allows to:

  • raise breakdown voltage of transformer oil from 20 to 70 kV;
  • remove decay products and acidic components, clarify oil, increase its ageing resistance and curtail ability to dissolve gases;
  • improve oil specifications even after the first pass though the unit;
  • prolong service life of both oil and the power transformer it is used in;
  • save on purchase of fresh and disposal of waste oil;
  • reactivate exhausted adsorbents and re-use them to regenerate waste oil.

Why it is convenient

GlobeCore always strives to make its equipment fully convenient for actual service which is achieved by implementation of the following options:

  • plants can be equipment with castor wheels or installed on trailers. Oil can be treated directly at transformer site;
  • all plants are equipped with quick connections, minimizing the time it takes to connect the unit;
  • low power consumption and low noise level;
  • Availability of separate operator’s room equipped with a personal computer and an air conditioner;
  • availability of models either with manual button controls or touch panel controls;
  • plants are effectively protected from emergencies and failures (oil spill sensor, transformer oil level control system, foam control system, application of vibration-proof sensors, sound warning, etc.);
  • remote control of equipment operation from cell phone;
  • the same versatile equipment can be used for various operations (degassing, filtration, transformer heating, vacuum treatment of external equipment, etc);
  • oil treatment rate up to 2500 gallons per hour;
  • plants operation does not generate emission of harmful materials into the air or generation of waste requiring disposal or storage.

What are the possible processing rates

GlobeCore produces plants with various processing rates: starting from small laboratory units and manual trolleys and up to big trailer-mounted units with built-in rooms.

What problems it helps to avoid

GlobeCore technologies will solve the following problems for you:

  • the need to drain oil from transformer tank;
  • de-energizing of transformer during oil treatment;
  • transportation of waste oil to oil treatment companies for restoration or recycling;
  • disposal of waste oil;
  • disposal of exhausted adsorbents.

How to order

To make on order for our equipment please file an application on our website

Our address: Edewechter Landstraße 173, Oldenburg-Eversten, Deutschland, 26131

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