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cmm 0.6
cmm 0.6
cmm 0.6

Cmm-0.6 Oil Degassing/Oil filtration cart

The CMM-0.6 portable oil degassing unit can be used for oil filtration, oil pumping, oil heating, and degassing of dielectric insulating oil, as well as removing mechanical impurities and moisture.  The processing capacity of the unit is 0.6 m3/hour.

The unit consists of the vacuum column, ceramic oil heater, fluid pump, vacuum pump, and oil filtering system with replaceable cartridges.

Sensors have been installed in the unit so that the operator can control the pressure drop at the filters and control the amount of working vacuum.  The heating temperature can also be controlled through the use of a special regulator.

When processing/treating a transformer with high moisture content in the oil, there is always a possibility of foam formation, therefore, in order to avoid this problem a special type of protection is provided for in the unit.  If, for some reason, oil begins to leak or spill from the unit, the oil spill will be immediately detected by the “Oil Spill Sensor” and the unit will be shut down at the same alerting the operator with an alarm.

Stock Price: 10,950$

Parameter Value
1 Capacity, gph, not less than
  – degassing, drying and filtration mode 158
2* Processed oil parameters:
– total gas content, % not more than 1,5
– moisture content by weight, ppm, not more than 10
3 Max oil output temperature in heating mode, ºF 131
4 Outlet pressure, bar (psi) 3 (43,5)
5 Oil heater power, kW, not more than 11
6 Max power consumption, kW, not more than 13
7 Power supply
– voltage, V 240
– AC frequency, Hz 60
8 Dimensions, in, not more than
– length 35
– width 23
– height 60
9 Weight, lb, not more than 470


Note * Initial oil parameters:

– gas content by volume –  below 10,5%

– weight moisture content – below 0.005% (50 ppm)

– temperature – above 32 ºF;

– multiple passes of oil through the unit.

  • compact size;
  • ease of maintenance and operation;
  • silent operation;
  • the ability to be powered through a conventional 220 electrical outlet.

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cmm gl
cmm gl
cmm gl

Cmm-gl wind turbine gearbox oil changer

The CMM-GL unit is designed to drain used oil from and pump new oil into wind turbine gearboxes. The unit can also flush the gearbox with special oil. The machine can service main and azimuth gearboxes, as well as blade angle of attack gearboxes.

The unit operates with mineral and synthetic gearbox oils with the following specifications:

  • kinematic viscosity at 40°С  – 8…50 mm2/sec;
  • density at 20°С – 800…950 kg/m3;
  • ISO 4406 purity class – 14 or better.

CMM-GL gearbox oil changer design

The СММ-GL is a trailer with one axle, which supports the control section and the process section. The process section also includes hose reels. Control section doors are equipped with secure locks.

The unit requires an external power source. The CMM-GL is fully automated with a special controller, which manages operation of pumps, valves, capacitance sensors, temperature sensors, flow switches, filters, manometers and flow meters.

Modes of operation

Used oil drain mode

In this mode, the vacuum pump extracts oil from a gearbox into the vacuum chamber until the chamber is full. Then a gearpump transports the oil to a prepared container.

Gearbox flushing mode

In this mode, oil is supplied by the gearpump to the required elevation (up to 60 meters) and is injected into the gearbox under pressure, washing away the remaining old oil and particulate matter.

New oil supply mode

In this mode, the gearpump supplies oil to the required elevation (up to 60 meters).

Filtration mode

While pumping new or flushing oil into the gearbox, the oil passes through a 15 μm filter for enhanced purity.

Stock Price: 15,950$

Parameter Value
1 Oil output rate, gph, no less than 159
2 Oil drain rate, gph, no less than 40
4 Output pressure, psi 188.5
6 Max power consumption, kW 4.1
7 Power supply
– voltage, V 240
– AC frequency, Hz 60
8 Max dimensions, ft
– length 11.48
– width 6.56
– height 4.27
9 Max empty weight, lb 1984

Every time before changing the type of handled oil, do the following:

        – flush the unit to prevent mixing of different oil types (mineral and silicone);

        – change filter element.


  • high quality of oil change in wind turbine gearboxes;
  • reduction of wind turbine downtime (the oil change takes less than one hour);
  • mobility (transportation around the wind farm by automobile, standard container installation is also possible);
  • collection of oil spills from the gearbox fairing;
  • can pump oil from one container to another;
  • full and easy access for inspection or servicing.

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cmm gl

CMM-10A Oil Degassing Plant

The CMM unit is designed for removal of solved gases, free and solved water and perticulate matter from oil, as well as for heating transformer oil before filling power transformers and other electrical systems.
The CMM units are used during installation and repairs of power transformers. The CMM is a comprehensive solution for transformer manufacturers and servicing facilities.

The secret of the high efficiency of GlobeCore units are activators wich promote near-instant release of gases and evaporation of water from oil.

The CMM units are quipped with a special oil heater which prevents oil burning due to low mean surface power and prevents oil overheating after the machine is stopped. Is possible execution on the trailer

Stock Price: 88,200$

Processing rate, m3/hour (gpm), max
  – degassing, drying and filtration mode 10 (44)
– heating and filtration mode 15 (66)
* Processed oil parameters:
– gas content, % vol, max 0,1
– moisture content, g/ton (ppm), max 5
– ISO 4406 purity class -/12/16
Max oil output temperature in heating mode, ºС (ºF) 90 (194)
Output pressure, bar (Psi) 2,5 (36,26)
Oil heater power, kW, max 150
Max power consumption, kW, max 182
Power supply
– voltage, V 480
– AC frequency, Hz 60
Dimensions, mm (in), max
– length 2795 (110)
– height 1805 (71)
– width 1600 (63)
Weight, kg (pound), max 2400 (5291)

* Note initial oil parameters:

– volumetric gas content  –  no more than 10.5%;

– moisture by weight – no more than 0.01%  (100 ppm);

– temperature – above  0ºС (32ºF).

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