Installation and commissioning of biodiesel plants in the Philippines

biodiesel plants

February 19-21, 2018, GlobeCore engineering team visited Lucena, Philippines to commission two biodiesel reactors each with capacity 6,25 m3 / h.

Currently, the Philippines is experiencing a deficit of oil resources, and is trying to compensate by producing biodiesel from coconut oil. The country also set special programs mandating a minimum of 2 and 5 percent of ethanol and biodiesel blended in car fuels. Therefore GlobeCore gladly responded to the proposal to manufacture two continuous biodiesel reactors that successfully replaced the old batch system of three reactors.

Biodiesel reactors from GlobeCore have a number of advantages:

  • obtaining fuel from any type of vegetable oils and animal fat, as well as cooking oil and algae;
  • low power consumption;
  • instant transesterification reaction;
  • mobility for transportation;
  • no washing and drying of biodiesel;
  • simplicity of operation;
  • high productivity.