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Equipment for modified bitumen Storage Tanks SBM-15 and SBM-30 has been Upgraded

Equipment for modified bitumen

Dear customers! GlobeCore is happy to announce a completion of upgrading project of modified bitumen storage tanks SBM-15 and SBM-30.

All customers requests were considered in updated storage tanks so they are successfully used for storing of polymer modified bitumen.

Bitumen melting equipment

Comparing with previous models new storage tanks have many advantages, the most important are:

  • reduced heat loss due to downwards pointing cone bottom with insulation thickness 200 mm;
  • improvement of operational capacity from 15 to 15,5 m3 for SBM-15 and from 27 to 30 m3 for SBM-30;
  • overall dimension are now 500 mm less in height (lengthwise) for SBM-15 and in 650 mm for SBM-30;
  • roof shape prevents rain water accumulation;
  • inspection manhole has a bigger opening;
  • membrane pressure sensor controls the level of bitumen in storage tank;
  • the external door has an observation window allowing to monitor sensor readings without opening a control cabinet;
  • emergency overflow pipeline preventing hot bitumen spillage in emergency situations;
  • a model of storage tank SBM-30 is optimized on minimal material consumption, reducing total weight of equipment in 1000 kg.

    equipment for modified bitumen bitumen melting equipment
    Bitumen melting equipment

TO order modified bitumen equipment storage tanks of SBM series or to get consultation on operation of this equipment – contact our sales managers.

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