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Manufactures and supplies equipment for purification of transformer, industrial, turbine and other types of oils. GlobeCore oil recycling plants are convenient,  practical and functional. Their operation is not accompanied by harmful emissions into atmosphere. In addition, they consume minimal power, helping to save on expenses.Oil filtration unit.

GlobeCore GmbH is one of the world leaders in industrial manufacturing. Products of GlobeCore are used in production of bitumen emulsions, transformer oil regeneration and purification, fuel blending, biodiesel production and emulsification of virtually any materials.

The head office is located in Oldenburg, Germany. Our systems have been supplied to and are successfully operated in 70 countries. A network of 17 dealers supports global sales and services.

Globecore news.

Bulawayo became a second city in Zimbabwe to host GlobeCore presentations of equipment

Almost a year ago, GlobeCore organized presentations of  its equipment in Zimbabwe (Harare).

Unfortunately, not all interested industry representatives of this country were able to attend the event. Therefore, it was decided to hold a series of presentations. This time they took place on June 8...Read more»

CMM-4/7 is commissioned in Helsinki

May 31 this year, GlobeCore engineers successfully completed the commissioning in Helsinki (Finland).

CMM-4/7 unit is there to stay and work This equipment is designed for cleaning insulating oils with a viscosity below 70 cSt at  50 ° C from mechanical impurities, water and gases. The...Read more»

Botswana. Commissioning of CMM-12R and CMM-4/7

In May, more of GlobeCore equipment was commissioned  in Gaborone (Botswana).

At this time two transformer oil regeneration plants CMM-12R and CMM-4/7 were installed and commissioned

In its design, CMM-12R is a multifunctional complex that carries out both processing of insulating oils and maintenance...Read more»

Commissioning of CMM-4/7 in Pakistan

May 13, a GlobeCore CMM-4/7 unit started its work in Lahore (Pakistan).

One of the local Pakistani companies that is engaged in installation, maintenance and repair works of power transformers, uses a CMM-4/7 unit for servicing their transformers.

This unit can perform heating, drying, cleaning...Read more»

GlobeCore presented a seminar In Quito

During 2 days, May 3-4 in Quito (Ecuador), GlobeCore held a seminar presenting its equipment

The event was attended by representatives of the electricity industry from many countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The seminar covered the following questions:

GC equipment put into operation in Saudi Arabia

April 23 – 27, 2017 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), GlobeCore engineers carried out an effective  commissioning of  the CMM-0,6 unit.

This equipment is ideal for organizations that has oil-filled equipment and require their insulating oil cleaned from mechanical impurities, water and gases with processing rate 158 gal...Read more»

CMM-0.5 Oil Degassing & Oil Filtration Cart

The CMM-0.5 portable oil degassing unit can be used for oil filtration, oil pumping, oil heating, and degassing of dielectric insulating oil, as well as removing mechanical impurities and moisture.  The processing capacity of the unit is 0.5 m3/hour.

The unit consists of the vacuum column, ceramic oil heater, fluid pump,...Read more»

CMM-4/7 started up in Estonia

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore specialists started up a CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn (Estonia).

This equipment is used by business engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers for degassing and filtration of insulating oil. Also, the units can be used to heat oil-filled electrical appliances with...Read more»

Oil purification plant СММ-0,6М commissioned in Indonesia

February 15, 2017 the technical team of GlobeCore commissioned the CMM-0.6M unit in Gresik (Indonesia).

The equipment is designed for cleaning insulating oils with viscosity below 70 cSt at 50 ° C from mechanical impurities and water.

The unit provides oil purification to cleanliness level of...Read more»

GlobeCore presented its equipment at Gulf Industry Fair in Bahrain

February 7-9, 2017 Bahrain International Exhibition Centre hosted a Gulf Industry Fair 2017.

The fair was held in Manama (the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain) and brought together the leading manufacturers of equipment for energy industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, etc. The exhibition was first held in 2008....Read more»

Adsorbent Regeneration

Adsorbent Regeneration

Adsorption purification of oil products allows to improve their cheimcal and physical properties and performance without changing the composition of the products. The process removes unsaturated and aromatic hydrocarbons, tar, nitro, sulfuric and oxygen containg compounds.

The effect is due to the ability of the...Read more»

The CMM-10-10 unit commissioned in Asyut (Egypt)

January 11 – 13, 2017, GlobeCore technical team visited Asyut (Egypt).

They carried out the start-up and commissioning of the CMM-10-10 plant, which would service the power transformers at local substation. This equipment cleans insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases, and also treats the power...Read more»

GlobeCore Cooperation With the US Power Industry

GlobeCore strives to participate in all possible projects to replace traditional energy sources with alternatives.

Some of the services GlobeCore offers our clients is the sales of equipment to process electrical insulation oil and servicing power transformers, as well as rentals of this equipment.

It was...Read more»

GlobeCore upgrades the UVB-2 unit (20 cubic meter per hour)

The constant growth of traffic intensity makes road construction businesses look for ways to increase reliability of the road top.

The potential capabilities of road bitumen used in construction and repairs of roads are not sufficient. This is the reason, why modified bitumen, designed for higher reliability...Read more»

Guests from Ethiopia Visit the GlobeCore International Training Center in Oldenburg

On 14 November 2016 GlobeCore main office hosted visitors again.

This time, the visitors, interested in mineral oil and fuel treatment technologies, as well as efficient power transformer servicing, came from Ethiopia.

A GlobeCore specialist held a presentation for the guests, describing the capabilities of equipment...Read more»

GlobeCore at the International Bitumen Technology Conference in Sri Lanka

GlobeCore representatives took part in the 8th “Bitumen & Asphalt Conference & Exhibition” international conference in Sri Lanka on 1-3 November.

Here is a brief photo report from the conference.

...Read more»

GlobeCore becomes a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

GlobeCore priorities are green and environmentally friendly products.

This can be achieved by reusing the waste products and implementing the green energy sources. The contribution of GlobeCore technologies is made in purification of industrial oil, and by increasing the reliability of alternative power generation.

We are...Read more»

Canada: The CMM-4/7 successfully services wind turbine transformers

GlobeCore is now a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), aiming to solve urgent problems in the industry.

The main objective is to increase reliability of wind turbine transformers and extend their service life. Wind turbine transformers are step-up transformers converting voltage for the power grid. They...Read more»

GlobeCore at WETEX 2016 international exhibition

October 4-6, 2016 Dubai (UAE) hosted the 18th WETEX 2016 International exhibition, organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

This year, WETEX attracted more than 1500 participants (700 companies) from more than 40 countries. The exhibition showcased such technologies as water treatment, energy and environmental protection....Read more»

The commissioning of a CMM-0.6 oil degassing unit in Italy

October 5, 2016: GlobeCore technical support engineers launch yet another unit for transformer oil purification.

This time, the launch took place in Carpenedolo (province of Brescia, Italy) with the commissioning of a CMM-0.6 mobile unit. Its purpose is to remove mechanical impurities from transformer oil and...Read more»

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