Oil Cleaning System

Oil Cleaning System

Oil Cleaning System

Cleaning of oils is a difficult process. Oil cleaning system should include technologies and methodology, that are known to science and were tested in practice. Some companies can use simple сlassical ways as sedimentation of water and mechanical impurities. Some companies have their own unique developments as specially designed GlobeCore plants and mobile units.

Oil system condition

No matter which methods of oil cleaning are taken into account, this procedure provides clearness of oil system and improves its quality. Producing of cleaning, regeneration or stabilisation increase level of oils exploitation. Oils that are used for industrial purposes should have higher performance in accordance with various standards to provide more efficient work with units.

Why is it important?

  1. A good quality of oil is the most important factor that can pick up reliability of turbine operation.
  2. Oil cleaning allows to cut costs for new expensive resources not less than by 30%.
  3. Service life of industrial oil gains 5-10 years with scrupulous care and drops to 3 years with inattentive exploitation.
  4. Insufficient attention to quality of oil system leads to different problems and extra expenses

Types of Oil Cleaning System

There is a variety of transformer oil purification filters and different technologies. First of there are physical, chemical and physico-chemical methods.
  1. Physical methods:
  • gravitational, centrifugal, electric, magnetic or vibrational forces;
  • usage of filter from different materials: fabrics, nets, paper etc.;
  • dehumidification;
  • vacuum degassing.
2.Сhemical methods: different chemical sorbents; cooling or heating process with removal of solid particles. There are many different types of chemical sorbents. Adsorbents can be of natural origin (bauxites, bleaching clays, natural zeolites) and artificial (alumina, silica gel, synthetic zeolites, aluminosilicate compounds). 3.Physico-chemical methods can include range of technic combinations. Each company, that deals with the issue of industrial oil purification can find out their own unique methods, that won’t have analogues.

Oil Cleaning Technology in GlobeCore

Oil Cleaning System GlobeCore uses principle of complex cleaning of turbine oils by a thermovacuum method in their plants. The stations can be used by following techniques:
  • filtration and heating of oil;
  • filtration, drying and degassing of oil;
  • vacumisation of the transformer.
Complex cleaning and regeneration systems of turbine oil are very easy to maintain and let do complete purification of oil for one session. There are several different types of oil cleaning systems, which can include transformer oil regeneration, recycling or cleaning The capacity of the most powerful of the developed units is 4 m3 / h. In accordance with the accepted norms oil get higher cleanliness class, complete purification from oxidation products and sludges and reduces its moisture content.

Oil Purification plants

There are 2 main different types of transformer oil purification plants, produced by GlobeCore:
  • CMM-0.16
It uses a system of gear pump, that sucks the oil for processing via valve and strainer. Processed oil is pumped through cartridge filter, three-way valve and is discharged to processed oil vessel via connector.
  • CMM-1.0
Assembled on a frame, supporting the unit’s components:  input and output oil pumps, dielectric control cabinet, vacuum chamber, coarse and fine cartridge filters, vacuum pump and pipelines with valves.

CMM-F oil mobile units

There are 2 types of CMM-F plants according to the mounted filter cartridges, designed not only for oils, but also for diesel and other fuel purification:
  •  СММ-0,6F
Capacity of 0.6 m3/h
  • СMM-4F
Capacity of 4 m3/h Both of them can handle operating temperature of the oil of 30-60°С