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Thermal oil heater SSC-15

GlobeCore provides the SSC-15, a sophisticated thermal oil heater system. Thermal oil may be heated rapidly and evenly with this high-performance equipment, greatly increasing its use and performance.
Modern heating technology is used by GlobeCore’s SSC-15 to provide a high level of oil temperature stability and uniformity. The unit is a great option for usage in a range of production facilities, including chemical, petrochemical, and other industries that need to heat thermal oil steadily and effectively due to its small size and portability.
The SSC-15’s key benefits are its excellent performance, dependability, and longevity. Premium materials are used in the construction of the unit to guarantee a long lifespan and low maintenance expenses. Thermal oil may be heated quickly and effectively with simple operation, negating the need for advanced technical knowledge.

Thermal oil heater SSC-15 Specifications

Parameter Value
1 Zeolite, dm3 130
2 Trays inside cabinet 12
3 Heating power, kW (kilowatt) 14,4
4 Temperature control range, °С Up to 250
5 Fan power, kW (kilowatt) 0,18
6 Voltage at the current frequency 50 Hz, V 380
7 Weight (without zeolite), kg, no more than 370
8 General specifications (metric)
– overall length 1500
– overall width (door closed) 1000
– overall height


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