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Transformer oil heater SSC-15

GlobeCore sells the SSC-15, a sophisticated transformer oil heater. By swiftly and uniformly heating transformer oil, this high-performance apparatus greatly enhances transformer performance and prolongs transformer life.
The SSC-15 from GlobeCore provides a consistent and regulated oil temperature by utilizing cutting edge heating technology. Power generation and industrial plants are only two of the many places where the unit’s portability and small form make it a great option for use.
High performance, dependability, and durability are the SSC-15’s key benefits. To guarantee a long service life and low maintenance costs, the unit is constructed using premium materials. Without the need for sophisticated technical knowledge, ease of use enables fast and effective heating of transformer oil.

Transformer oil heater SSC-15 Specifications

Parameter Value
1 Zeolite, dm3 130
2 Trays inside cabinet 12
3 Heating power, kW (kilowatt) 14,4
4 Temperature control range, °С Up to 250
5 Fan power, kW (kilowatt) 0,18
6 Voltage at the current frequency 50 Hz, V 380
7 Weight (without zeolite), kg, no more than 370
8 General specifications (metric)
– overall length 1500
– overall width (door closed) 1000
– overall height 1100


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