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Hydraulic oil purification machine CMM-1.0LT

GlobeCore provides the CMM-1.0LT, a cutting-edge hydraulic oil purification system. By eliminating impurities like water and pollutants from hydraulic oil, this high-performance equipment may greatly improve oil quality and prolong equipment life.
Modern filtration and separation technologies are used by GlobeCore’s CMM-1.0LT to achieve thorough oil purification. It is the perfect option for usage in production facilities and service centers due to its lightweight and portable design.
The CMM-1.0LT’s key benefits are its excellent performance, dependability, and longevity. Because the machine is constructed with high-quality materials, it will last a long time and require little maintenance. Hydraulic oil can be cleaned quickly and effectively with simple operation, negating the need for advanced technical knowledge.

Hydraulic oil purification machine CMM-1.0LT Specification

Parameter Value
1. Capacity, m3/h (gpm), not less than
– in the thermal vacuum drying and filtration mode 1.0 (4,4)
2.* Processed oil parameters (in several passes):
– total gas content, %, not more than 1,5
– oil moisture mass content, g/t (ppm), not more than 10
– industrial purity class of  ISO 4406 -/14/12
3. Max output oil temperature, ºС (ºF) 55 (131)
4. Output pressure, bar (psi) 3 (43,5)
5. Oil heater power, kW, not more than 12
6. Max power requirement, kW, not more than 15
7. Electric current parameters
– voltage, V 380
– AC with frequency, Hz 50
– number of phases 3
8. Dimensions, mm (in), not more than (w/o trailer/with trailer)  
– length 910 (36)/2450 (96)
– width 620 (24)/1420 (56)
– height 1500 (59)/1910 (75)
9. Weight, kg, not more than (w/o trailer/with trailer) 280 (617)/730 (1600)


* At initial parameters of oil:

  • volumetric gas content — not more than 10.5%;
  • moisture mass content — not more than 0.005% (50 ppm);
  • temperature — not lower than 0ºС (32ºF)
  • when the oil passes through the unit multiple times.


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