Oil Processing

oil processing

Oil Processing methods and equipment

Oil processing is the best way to save money on purchasing new oil. Experience indicates that regular oil processing prolongs the life of oil and oil-filled equipment. Below we examine the basic ways of oil processing and oil treating equipment.

Oil processing by centrifugation

Historically, the first methods of oil processing were based on physical phenomena. One of the methods of processing liquids from suspended particles and water uses an effect of centrifugal forces. The main disadvantage of centrifugation is its limitations. It is only used when the water in oil is in an emulsion state, and the specific mass of solid impurities exceeds the specific weight of processed oil. It cannot remove dissolved moisture, gases and various fibers, and would require additional methods for complete cleaning.

The equipment for centrifugal oil processing is centrifuges or separators.

Oil Filtration

The use of special elements for retaining impurities in oil is called filtration. Stationary filters process the oil directly in the system. Filter presses process the oil that was drained from the equipment. They consist of frames and plates, with filter media in between.

The main disadvantages of filter presses are leaks in their structure, which cause oil oxidation, they also need frequent replacement of filter elements and have a relatively low oil processing capacity.

Oil processing by adsorption

Adsorption treatment is an integral part of any system for industrial oil processing. It is due to the good absorbing properties of adsorbents that remove not only to water and mechanical impurities, but also acidic components and aging products. In general, not all adsorbents demonstrate the same efficiency, and are selected individually according to oil contamination.

Adsorption happens when oil passes through columns filled with absorbing material. A certain limitation of this method is connected with changing the adsorbent, which was saturated with impurities, or reactivating its properties. This inconvenience can be solved with GlobeCore equipment, where the reactivation of  adsorbent goes in parallel with oil processing.

Oil processing in vacuum

GlobeCore produces CMM units for vacuum processing of oil. This equipment removes dissolved gases and moisture from oil, and receives the following parameters:

  •  moisture content by weight below 0,001% (10 g / t);
  • volumetric gas content below 0.1%;
  • content of mechanical impurities below 8 g / t;
  • filtration fineness 5 μm.

In addition to industrial oil processing units, GlobeCore also produces other equipment for transformer maintenance: drying of solid insulation, refilling, vacuum treatment, etc.


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