Oil Purifier from GlobeCore

Oil Purifier

An oil purifier is a device designed to remove harmful impurities (solid particles, water and gases) from oil.

Oil purifier: what was it like before?

At first large sedimentation tanks were used as oil purifiers. They stored contaminated oil for a period of time. Large impurities in oil under the influence of gravity gradually settled on the bottom of sedimentation tank. The top layer of oil was collected into another container. This method has a disadvantage, which is its duration and separation of only large particles.

Another oil purifier is a centrifuge. The principle of its operation is based on the effect of centrifugal forces. They remove only those particles whose specific gravity exceeds the specific gravity of oil; they also removed water in emulsion state. Centrifugation is powerless against dissolved gases and dissolved moisture, and other, more advanced methods of purification are used following it.

Filtration is another well known method for removing mechanical impurities and a portion of water from oil. Large volumes of matter are removed with so-called filter presses. They create pressure with the help of plates that push oil through filter media, which can be fabric or paper. There are also small stationary filters which are installed in different places in the oil system. The necessary oil flow in this case is created by oil pumps.

It is clear that it is practically impossible to achieve complete oil purification by only one method. Therefore, in practice,  a combination of different approaches of oil purification is used in one equipment.

Modern oil purifiers from GlobeCore

Oil purifiers produced by GlobeCore are an excellent example of modern equipment for cleaning contaminated oil. They combine the most effective methods to obtain the best results: oil treatment with high temperature under vacuum, multistage filtration and adsorption purification. GlobeCore uses Fuller’s earth adsorbent for cleaning transformer oil that is reactivated after saturation directly in the plant, and the process of oil treeatment is not interrupted.

Oil purifiers are available in various stationary and mobile designs, and are equipped with all necessary sensors for monitoring and controlling the process. The oil can be processed automatically just by pressing the “Start / Stop” button. Oil purification design is adapted for transportation by land, sea and air.

Other advantages of GlobeCore equipment are:

  • safe, easily adjustable and easy-to-maintain heating tapes;
  • easy to replace filter cartridges (filtration fineness 25, 5 and 1 μm);
  • efficient coagulator-evaporator in a vacuum column;
  • prevention of foam in oil;
  • protection from oil leaks;
  • remote control of equipment using mobile system
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