How Oil Recovery is carried out

Oil Recovery

Oil Recovery

To date, oil recovery occupies an important place in the environmental policy of every country. Petroleum products contaminated with various impurities (metal particles, water, dirt, oxidation products, etc.) significantly deteriorate and must be collected and recovered.

Oil recovery is re-use of oil, both for its original purpose and for other purposes. Below is the analysis of the most common ways of used oil recovery.

Ways of oil recovery

One of the most common ways of used oil recovery is collection on-site and delivery to oil refineries. Usually oil refineries have all the necessary equipment for processing large volumes of oils: industrial, transformer, turbine, motor, etc. The oil products obtained are used as raw material for production of fresh commercial petroleum products.

Another way of recovering used oil is burning it as fuel. The major difficulty here is a necessary pre-treatment of used oil:  with removal of harmful impurities and water. Since water prevents normal combustion, and the remaining impurities pollute the atmosphere. Used oil should be cleaned from harmful substances released as a result of combustion that should not break the rules and standards. The disadvantage of this method is only one-time use of waste oil.

Perhaps, the most preferable way of oil recovery is regeneration. It restores the properties of waste oil to standard values, and makes it possible to re-use oil as intended or produce fresh oils and fuels. With correct regeneration the service life of oil can be extended for a long time.

Oil recovery in your company

Individual enterprises are interested in oil recovery on-site with oil regeneration equipment. It eliminates transportation costs for delivery of used oil to collection places, and saves money on purchase of fresh oils.

Regeneration on-site is provided by mobile CMM units by GlobeCore. The main advantage of this equipment is its versatility. It is possible to choose the unit of required capacity to recover a certain type of waste oil.

GlobeCore equipment takes into account the latest trends in the oil refining market. Modern sensors ensure safety and reliability of the process. Integrated approach (multistage filtration, thermal vacuum drying, adsorption purification) allows to achieve a complete recovery of important oil parameters.

Other advantages of GlobeCore oil recovery plants are:

  • minimal oil losses during processing;
  • foam control and protection against oil leaks;
  • safe and easy-to-use tape heaters;
  • cartridges of different filtration fineness (1, 5 or 25 microns);
  • remote control of equipment via smartphone or PC.
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