Oil recycling machine

Oil recycling machine

Oil Recycling technologies and ways of realization

Oil recycling is an important direction in handling mankind’s industrial waste. To make the existing ecological situation better, it is vitally important to organize a proper waste oil collection and delivery to specialized enterprises engaged in oil recycling.

What about waste oil?

Waste oil is mineral or synthetic oil that was in operation and is severely contaminated. Waste oils that can be managed are:

  • gear oils;
  • engine oils;
  • brake fluids;
  • hydraulic fluids;
  • turbine oils;
  • compressor oils;
  • cable oils;
  • transformer oils;
  • grease;
  • heat transfer medium.

Waste that is not considered as waste oil:

  • sludge after cleaning oil tanks;
  • waste that partly includes waste oil;
  • various solvents, fuel kerosene, automobile antifreeze;
  • waste, which cannot be processed like oil.

Danger from waste oil is even greater than from crude oil. It is due to waste oil composition containing resins, carbenes, asphaltenes and other substances that adversely affect human health. Waste oil spills severely pollute water bodies and soil, also having a carcinogenic effect.

Oil Recycling

Oil recycling: basic technologies

Understanding the necessity of oil processing has come a long time ago. But the first serious steps in this direction were made only four decades ago. Waste oil was burned to receive energy for heating. In the modern understanding, oil recycling is a preliminary cleaning and subsequent production of commercial fuels and oils, or reuse in the same equipment.

Burning of waste oil without preliminary processing is dangerous and releases a large amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Therefore, the oil must be cleaned before burning. This process is controlled by local authorities.

Power industry outlines oil processing on site with full restoration of oil properties as the priority direction. To restore the important performance properties of petroleum products are used mobile regeneration plants from GlobeCore.

Oil Recycling

Oil recycling machine

Recycling oil is a procedure that is designed for restoring used oil condition. Oil recycling machine is a utility that can easily and successfully cope with this task. Due to the fact, that manufacturing process is very expensive, this method is optimal for cost saving.

Oil recycling is a perfect option for industrial and other purposes, but it’s important to remember main points about resources, that have already been operated.

Of course this solution is good and quite widespread, but bare uncleared used oil MUSTN’T BE INVOLVED in any processing.  

There are a number of significant facts that should be noticed.

Used oil

Used oil can be good alternative to buying new one. But before launching it you have to take into account the main issues:

  1. Used oils are hazardous for natural environment;
  2. Unpurified oil in a bad condition is harmful for any machinery systems;
  3. There are certain established norms in worldwide industry that mustn’t be neglected.

If you have intention to operate with used oil, you should produce oil recycling.

Consequences of using untreated oil

Aging or deterioration of oil in the transformer, especially insulating, leads first to oxidation that attacks cellulose and metals.This process creates soap metal, aldehyde and other different heavy substances on the insulation, side walls of the tank, in respiratory, cooling and other systems.

The mud that appears increases the viscosity of the oil, and as a result transformer reduces its cooling capacity and lifetime .

All this factors influence on efficiency and causes further damages.

General rules for waste oil management are as follows:

  • determining which substance belongs to “waste oils”;
  • collecting and marking the containers;
  • storing and protecting from the influence of harmful factors;
  • oil processing with GlobeCore equipment.

GlobeCore units can process oil without draining it from equipment. For example, CMM-R unit connects directly to a transformer, and the oil recovery goes in a closed loop between transformer and oil regeneration unit. This avoids the collection phase, saves time and money

Oil recycling plants

There is a unique oil recycling system, designed by GlobeCore.

CMM-R is a oil recycling machine that is optional for transformer manufacturers and for transformer service.

It will not only restore the content condition, but also approve final disposal agent.

  • CMM-R oil recycling machine uses a sorbent, that removes all oxidation, pollution and other types of contaminants .

Recycling system can be used in combination with degassing or drying units.

CMM-R can be used for oil recycling, oil degradation or oil cleaning.

This oil recycling mashine has its own unique features as a function of transformer vacuuming and ability to be controlled and monitored via smartphone or PC.

It is designed for the recycling and purification of fuels and used mineral oils.

Unit can either purify and clear up dark diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil. Treated oil get’s quality as if it is new.

Brilliant results and reviews of satisfied customers is a pride of GlobeCore and goal that companies’ developers have achieved by zealous work, whose main idea is improvement of industrial technologies.

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