• Oil Maintenance
  • Road construction equipment
  • Electromagnetic mill
  • Biodiesel equipment
  • Blending Systems
  • Colloid Mill
  • Wind Turbine Service

Oil Maintenance

  • Description
  • Types of oil

GlobeCore offers a variety of design options for our oil purification units. They can be assembled in containers, installed on castor wheels or on trailers to enhance mobility for transformer service. Our units are a versatile tool for dielectric oil purification and pulling vacuum on transformers used extensively in the power industry.

  • Transformer oil
  • Silicone oil
  • Turbine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Industrial oil
  • Cable oil
  • Other dielectric fluids

Road construction equipment

  • Description
  • Equipment Types

GlobeCore is a manufacturer of industrial equipment. We produce plants for asphalt emulsion and modified bitumen production. Also we offer additional options like laboratory units, collection tanks and bitumen filters.
GlobeCore equipment is built for production of high quality product regardless of the quality of source bitumen by adding plasticizers, adhesion additives and thinners, including oil-based. Our plants operate with all known polymers, waxes and various additives in the market, including various forms of production, such as powders, granules etc.

  • Bitumen Emulsion
  • Modefied Bitumen
  • Bitumen Filter
  • Pump Assembly
  • Bitumen Tank Storage
  • Laboratory System

Electromagnetic mill

  • Description
  • Product application

Used for improving the effectiveness many different chemical engineering and technological processes.
The intensive mixing of the reagents and the influence of the electromagnetic fields, as well as dispersion of the compounds leads to better dispersion of the metal hydroxides, than that in mechanical mixing devices.

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Fuel Processing
  • Food Industry
  • Drilling fluid production
  • Mechanical Modification, Activation, Desintegration
  • Dry modified construction mix

Biodiesel equipment

  • Description

GlobeCore Blending company offers technological lines for production of the BIODIESEL.
Biodiesel plants (reactors) have productivity from 1000 to 16000 liters/h, receiving of biodiesel is possible from any types of vegetable oils and animal fats. Besides on these biodiesel installations receiving the BIODIESEL from the over roasted oil, the BIODIESEL from algas and fusa is possible.

Blending Systems

  • Description

BioDiesel Blending is capable to make any class of fuel: diesel summer fuel, diesel winter fuel, diesel Arctic fuel, high-octane for Euro-4, Euro-5.

Colloid Mill

  • Description

A colloid mill in the industry is used for grinding solid particles and mixing emulsions, pastes, suspensions, colloidal solutions, etc.
The particles are crushed in a liquid medium. This method is called “wet” grinding and is considered the most effective for obtaining emulsion, homogeneous and dispersion mixtures

Wind Turbine Service

  • Description

The CMM-G unit is designed for a three-stage process of changing oil in wind turbine gearboxes (draining old oil, flushing the gearbox and filling it with new oil).
The CMM-G is based on a trailer and consists of housing, clean and used oil tanks and hose drums. The side walls of the housing are equipped with doors for access and servicing.