Biodiesel equipment


The complex on production of the biodiesel consists of the following installations (blocks):

  • line heater of oil;
  • biodiesel reactor;
  • biodiesel settler with supplying block;
  • block of selection of methanol;
  • cleaning and filtration block.

Previously cleared oil is supplied on heater line; there it is warmed up to operate temperature. The warmed-up oil moves to biodiesel reactor for biodiesel production. Also solutions of alkali and methanol are supply to the same reactor. At the exit from the biodiesel reactor by hydrodynamic mixing way and reaction of oil, solution of alkali and methanol the crude biodiesel is created. Biodiesel arrives in settler of biodiesel production complex, there is taking place stratification of water- glyceric phase and its pumping

The remained biodiesel moves on the block of methanol selection, vacuum drying is taking place there.Final cleaning of the biodiesel is carried out by block of cleaning and filtration. Passing through a layer of ion-exchange pitch, the biodiesel is cleared of residual methanol. Mechanical impurity is selected by filters system.


Biodiesel complexes which are working based on technology of GLOBECORE BLENDING has the following advantages:

Low consumption of equipment energy.

Instant reaction of interesterification

At application of innovative energy saving technology, energy consumption decrease in the course of production.

The modular principle of complex creation (mobility during the transporting and installation of the BIODIESEL equipment).

Effective process of production allows to use small installations.

Biodiesel quality meets the international standards.

There is no waste: the phase of glycerin can be used for various purposes (e.g. generation of energy, fertilizer, etc.)

It isn’t required, washing and biodiesel drying, demetanolization;

Complexes are equipped with technology of continuous action reactor that is allow to increase the speed and quality of reaction, it is increase not only qualitative, but also speed of its production, and it allows to save energy resources in 5-7 times in comparison with existing technologies and the equipment.

The equipment, differs the simplicity in operation, high efficiency, and also thanks to new technological development and continuous tests we will improve an equipment design, increasing thereby quality and an exit of the processed raw materials,

  • reducing power consumption of the equipment,
  • metal consumption of designs,
  • increasing its efficiency.

GlobeCore Blending company offers technological lines for production of the BIODIESEL.

Biodiesel plants (reactors) have productivity from 1000 to 16000 liters/h, receiving of biodiesel is possible from any types of vegetable oils and animal fats.

Besides on these biodiesel installations receiving the BIODIESEL from the over roasted oil, the BIODIESEL from algas and fusa is possible.

The complex on production of the biodiesel is intended for interesterification of vegetable oil or animal fat, (other oils and fats) by high-disperse mixing with the catalyst and further dry cleaning of the BIODIESEL to compliance to the European EN 14214 standards and the American ASTM standards.

If you want to reduce expenses of you company for fuel production, Biodiesel cavitation blending system could help you to do that. To receive extra information contact us and technical manager will call you back.

The biodiesel reactors made by our company have output capacity of 500 to 16000 liter per hour, and make biodiesel (methyl ester) production possible with any type of oil or fat feedstock.

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