Oil Filtration Systems

Oil Filtration Systems GlobeCore

Oil Filtration

Industrial oils include a fairly large group of petroleum products used in the manufacturing industries for lubricating equipment friction units. Operational properties depend on their hydrocarbon composition or the content of functional additives used to attribute certain properties to the oil product.

For the production of industrial oils, oil fractions that boil over 350°C are usually used. They incorporate concentrations of high-molecular oil compounds that are in fact a mixture of hydrocarbons of various groups and their derivatives.

Currently, there are used about 100 names of industrial oils in the manufacturing industries. 46.6% of them are used in the hydraulic systems, and 41% are used for gear and worm gears, as well as heavy duty elements of industrial equipment. Modern industrial oils must meet certain requirements:

  • stability increase;
  • improvement of anti-wear, protective and deaeration properties;
  • compatibility withhydraulic systems materials;
  • filterability;
  • demulsibility.

Filtration Products

Laboratory Oil Filtration Unit

Laboratory Filtration System Unit UVR-L

The filtration pod is a vessel, half-filled with sorbent which regenerates the percolating oil. Sorbent and oil are put into the pod from the top.
The bottom of the pod has a lid, through which the pod is vacuumed, saturated sorbent is extracted and regenerated oil is pumped out.

The Vacuum chamber – is a rectangular vessel filled with regenerated oil.


CFU Oil filtration unit

CFU Filtration  unit

The CFU unit is an on-site portable filtration unit designed for removal of solid particles from lube and dielectric insulation oils with viscosity of no more than 70 cSt at 50°C/122°F.

Ambient conditions for operation:

• ambient temperature 283 to 308 K (+10 to +35°C/ 49.7 to 97.73°F);
• pressure 84 to 106.7 kPa (630 to 800 mm.hg);
• elevation up to 2000 meters/6561 feet above sea level;
• explosion and fire safe area.


Oil Filtration Systems

UVD Vacuum filling unit

The UVD vacuum filling unit is designed for preparation (degassing) storage, transportation and adding of transformer oil into the high voltage ports of transformers and switches; the unit is designed for operation at power plants, substations and other energy facilities.READ MORE

Types of Oil Contaminants

During transportation, storage and operation industrial oils can accumulate various contaminants that have a negative impact on their performance properties.

The most common type of contaminants is mechanical impurities (metal particles, rubber from seals, plastic) that are formed as the result of friction of lubricated working surfaces. Also over time, industrial oils accumulate oxidation products, which can be present in the oil product both in dissolved and colloidal state.

The presence of alien impurities changes the physicochemical properties of the oil. Consequently, it ceases to perform its functions effectively. The risk of breakdowns, accidents and unscheduled downtime periods of expensive equipment is significantly increased.

Industrial oil filtration from harmful impurities allows prolonging the service life of both the petroleum products and the parts they lubricate.


Key Types of Oil Filtration

The term “oil filtration” refers to a method of removing suspended particles of contaminants from oil in order to protect the process equipment or extend its service life.

It is necessary to distinguish between primary and secondary purifications of industrial oils. Primary purification is used to protect machines and mechanisms and is most often provided by original equipment manufacturers. It enables to get rid of only large particles of contaminants (25 and more microns).

The main purpose of secondary filtrations is the prolongation of the service life of industrial oils. This approach enables to take care not only of the oil, but also of the equipment in which this oil is used.


GlobeCore Secondary Oil filtation

Equipment of secondary oil filtration produced by GlobeCore enables to remove mechanical impurities, soot (coal), free and part of dissolved water, and also water-soluble acids and alkalis from industrial oils. This equipment has a compact size and is sufficiently mobile, therefore it can be used in those sites where oil products are used directly. A desired degree of purification is achieved in just one operation cycle. Simplicity of design and operation does not set high qualification requirements for the maintenance staff.

Globecore offices

GlobeCore offices

GlobeCore manufactures and supplies equipment for transformer oil filtration, industrial oils, turbine and other types of oils. GlobeCore oil recycling plants are convenient, practical and functional. Their operation is not accompanied by harmful emissions into atmosphere. In addition, they consume minimal power, helping to save on expenses.

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