Laboratory Oil Filtration Unit UVR-L

Laboratory Oil Filtration Unit

Laboratory Oil Filtration Unit UVR

The laboratory UVR unit will help you provide a tests with any type of petrochemical product to verify the possibility to clean it.

Types of mineral oil which can be regenerated & filtered are as follows:

  • industrial oil;
  • transformer oil;
  • turbine oil;
  • diesel oil;
  • heating oil;
  • hydraulic oil;
  • vacuum oil;
  • essential oil
  • transmission oil;
  • gas condensate;
  • kerosene;
  • motor oil but also cleaned from chemical additives that must be added back
  • and others


The unit consists of:

  • oil filtration pod;
  • frame;
  • vacuum chamber;
  • vacuum pump;
  • piping;

The filtration pod is a vessel, half-filled with sorbent which regenerates the percolating oil. Sorbent and oil are put into the pod from the top.
The bottom of the pod has a lid, through which the pod is vacuumed, saturated sorbent is extracted and regenerated oil is pumped out.
The external surface of the pod is wrapped with an electric heater tape and insulated.

The frame – this is a metal structure supporting all the unit’s components.
The Vacuum chamber – is a rectangular vessel filled with regenerated oil. The top part of the vessel is equipped with a ball valve to connect the chamber with the vacuum pump. The bottom of the vessel is equipped with a ball valve, through which the oil is sucked into the vacuum vessel, and a valve to drain the oil. The vessel is also equipped with a visual liquid level meter and a vacuum gauge.
The Vacuum pump creates vacuum in the vacuum chamber.

Technical specification

The main parameters of the oil filtration unit are indicated on the table 1.

Name of parameter Value
1 Regeneration productivity, l/h:- transformer oil

– industrial oil *



 2 Regenerating powder consumption in % from the weight of cleaning oil- transformer oil

– industrial oil *



3 The weight of regenerating powder for filling, kg 3
4 Loss (oil product) in % from initial volume (that what remains in a sorbent)- transformer oil

– industrial oil



5 Total capacity of heaters, kW 0,16
6 Rate capacity, kW 1,0
8 Voltage of the one-phase alternating current main with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz, V 220
9 Overall dimensions, mm not more- length

– width

– height




10 Weight, kg not more 50
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