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CMM-4R Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

The CMM-4R machine regenerates transformer oil with a special sorbent (Fuller’s earth). The machine features several modes of operation. The two main modes are oil regeneration and sorbent reactivation modes. The process is controlled from the control cabinet with all electrical circuits, control and measuring equipment.




1 Processing rate, m3/hour (gpm)

0.6 (2.2)*

2 Sorbent reactivation duration, max

19 hours

3 Nominal power requirement, kW


4 Power voltage, three phases, 50Hz, V


5 Max dimensions, mm (in)

– length

– width

– height

2500 (98)

2100 (83)

2300 (91)

6 Weight, kg (lbs) max

2500 (5500)

* Processing rate and the amount of oil the can be treated depend on the initial quality of the oil.

  • complete restoration of transformer oil parameters and properties;
  • extension of transformer oil life time (savings on transformer oil purchase);
  • increased reliability of transformer;
  • the machine can use the same sorbent for 2-3 years due to the reactivation capability (up to 300 reactivation cycles).

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