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Low Frequency Heating Device

The procedure for drying transformers with GlobeCore equipment

The drying procedure using a complete system for drying oil-filled transformer windings: a special GlobeCore heating device (Low Frequency Heating) + CMM thermal vacuum transformer oil drying system (depending on the amount of oil in the transformer, different capacities can be offered, ranging from 400 l/hour to 15000 l/hour)

During the drying of the transformer, the processes of direct heating of the windings of the disconnected transformer and the process of removing of moisture from the transformer oil run simultaneously.

Due to the fact that the process uses a CMM thermal vacuum transformer oil drying unit, degassing and filtering of the oil occurs as well.

The special GlobeCore heating device is connected to the primary winding of the transformer, the secondary winding is short-circuited.

During the heating process, moisture moves from paper insulation to the oil, then removed from the oil using a thermal vacuum drying and degassing unit.

The cycle repeats until the amount of moisture in the oil is less than 10 ppm after the windings have warmed up to a temperature of +75oC.

GlobeCore’s special heating device is designed for transformers with primary winding current rating of 200A or less.

The system is fully automated.

During operation, the temperature of the windings is periodically checked to prevent overheating.