CMM 4T Turbine oil filtration

CMM 4T turbine oil fultration

 CMM-4T – is a Turbine Oil Filtration System.

GlobeCore СММ-4Т mobile oil stations provides turbine oil service. It’s purpose is oil purification, removal of solid deterioration products, moistures or water.

It has 4m3/hour capacity.

This unit extends service life of turbine oil, gas and steam machinery, turbomechanic equipment, electric power station and the other industrial facilities.

Pollution of industrial oil leads to number of different problems with systems. So te oil stations need proper services.

Oil filtration is a perfect option instead of bying new expensive resourses.

CMM-4T Turbine oil Filtration System can be used for such processes as purification, dehydration and degassing. Vacuuming mode is possible as well

The unit is aplicable for turbine oil with viscosity not higher than 280 cSt and the temperature of 50ºС.

Table 1. Technical characteristics

Parameters Value
1 Capacity, m3/hourWaste oil parameters: 4
2 — Mass moisture content, g/t, not more than— Filtration degree, mkm, not more than 10


3 Maximum Oil outlet  temperature, ºС 55
4 Working Pressure, MPa 0,4
5 Working vacuum – vacuum pump -0,75 … -0,85
– in a vacuum tank -0,65 … -0,75
6 Oil heater power, kW 29
7 Oil heater specific power, W/cm2, not more than 1,2
8 Maximum power consumption, KW 38
9 Electric current parameters— voltage, V

— AC  frequency, HZ



General dimensions, mm— overall length

— overall width

— overall height




11 Weight, kg, 700


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