Regeneration of used oil

Regeneration of used oil Transformer oil is used oil filled electric equipment as a dielectric and for heat dissipation. In high voltage switches, the oil also prevents arcing. Some of the parameter of the oil indicate condition of the electrical equipment. For instance, if the insulation of transformer core is damaged, the flashpoint of the oil will decrease. If the temperature of the oil in the course of transformer operation is too high, this means that the equipment is operated with overload or the cooling systems is not performing adequately. Oil degrades during operation due to oxidation, high temperature, contamination with fragments of solid insulation material etc. Restoration of parameters of transformer oil (regeneration) can be performed by zeolite, filter presses, centrifuging. Purification by zeolite filters is based on the ability of zeolite to absorb contamination from the oil. Today adsorption is one of the most efficient methods of purification and regeneration of transformer oil. The idea is to let the oil pass through a layer of absorbing material which traps contaminants. The absorbing medial should have high absorption capacity and be highly selective. The latter means that the material should only absorb the contaminant (such as water). The hydrocarbon content of oil should not be changed in the process. Ideally, the absorbent should be reactivated for reuse. All of these requirements are satisfied by the mobile oil plant CMM-CM. They function on the bases of an absorbent unit and allow purification of transformer oil not only from water, but also from solid particles. Zeolite can be reactivated in the unit directly, increasing the efficiency of the process. The unit can be used for installation, repairs and operation of oil filled equipment with voltage up to 1150 kV and for oil with viscosity below 70 cSt at 50ºС.