GlobeCore/ Seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oil…

Seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oil held in Oldenburg

April 21-22, 2016 the GlobeCore German office in Oldenburg held a seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oil.

This event was attended by delegates from Belgium, the UK and the Czech Republic. Note that there is a successful International Training Center in Oldenburg, where anyone can take a course in operating GlobeCore oil filtering equipment.

During the seminar, the participants were presented with the latest developments of our company. Oil regeneration was demonstrated using a laboratory unit, which once again showed excellent results.

All visitors were satisfied with the seminar. It should be noted that such seminars are held regularly at Oldenburg GlobeCore office. If you are interested in oil purification and regeneration, please fill out the preliminary application form  with our managers at contacts.

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