Seminars Have Been Held in the United Arab Emirates width manufacturers of transformers

Seminars Have Been Held in the United Arab Emirates width manufacturers of transformers

At the end of 2014, GlobeCore organized and delivered several seminars to the representatives of service centers, power companies and manufacturers of transformers, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  These seminars were held in the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

According to the statistics, the UAE consumes about 71 billion KW×h of electricity annually.

As it is known, transmission and distribution of power requires smooth operation of transformers which is provided by regular servicing.

The liquid and solid insulating systems of the modern transformer are the most important components of transformers and they have a great impact on the service life of the transformer.  The technologies, currently applied in the UAE to treat liquid and solid insulation often do not meet the requirements of a good prevetive maintenance program.  All this leads to additional expenditures for corrective maintenance and transformer related repairs.

The seminars were focused on the prospects of the use of GlobeCore equipment in the electric power industry in the UAE.  GlobeCore’s representatives have presented units for purification and regeneration of transformer oil (CMM-R and CMM), vacuumizing and drying of transformer solid insulation (Iney) and protection of transformers from moisture (Sukhovey).

The presentation of the peculiarities of GlobeCore‘s equipment has shown its advantages over the equipment previously used in the UAE.  Such revolutionary features of GlobeCore equipment such Fuller’s earth automatic sorbent reactivation mode and the technology of moisture freezing in the transformer’s solid insulation were of special interest.

After all the seminars and presentations were done, some of the representatives have decided to buy GlobeCore equipment.  There is also a GlobeCore office in the UAE.  You can find its address in the section, called “Contacts”.