Tap Changer

Tap Changer

Oil Filled Tap Changer

Tap changer is a device that regulates voltage in transformers.  This device is usually useful when voltage in the system drops or surges. OLTC is an oil filled facility that requires special management and servicing.

Importance of Tap Changer

Certain conditions may cause problems in the system with sudden voltage changes. Voltage drops, for instance, can be caused by problems with the power grid or system repairs. These problems are mitigated by tap changers which ensure voltage stability. Tap changers have different designs; one of the lasts designs is a device which relies on oil in its operation. Tap changer oil should be clean with performance problems. Should the performance of the oil become problematic, a purification process becomes necessary. GlobeCore has designed a unit ideal for the task: the СMM-0.6

CMM-0.6 Features

This oil filtration machine can process different types of transformer oil. It is designed to operate with high voltage equipment, such as power transformers, high voltage switches, tap changers etc. It removes solids and moisture from dielectric insulating oils.

UVD Vacuum Filling Unit

GlobeCore has developed a special UVD Vacuum Filling Unit that can operate with high voltage inputs of a transformer to add clean processed oil into the transformer tank. Oil-immersed electrical system need proper maintenance. First of all, the oil must be clean. It is also important to follow all the regulations and manufacturer recommendations regarding high voltage equipment operation. Operating OLTC devices require proper preparation and control.