Transformer Oil – Basic Characteristics and Purification Methods

Transformer oil

Transformer oil

Transformer oil is widely used as coolant, insulator and suppressor of the arc in electrical devices. The composition of transformer oil includes naphthenes, paraffins and aromatic hydrocarbons. The mass fraction of other components, as a rule, does not exceed 4-5% (for a fresh product).

Transformer oil operating performance

Performance of transformer oil is evaluated by the following parameters:

  • dielectric loss tangent. The sufficient dielectric strength of oil is ensurred through removal of water and mechanical impurities;
  • pour point. The lower is the pour point, the better the oil performs at low temperatures;
  • viscosity. This parameter should have a minimum value, which will allow good heat removal from hot parts;
  • oxidation stability. Transformer oil should not be strongly oxidized during a prolonged operation. This characteristic is improved by adding special inhibitors;
  • flash point must not exceed 135 ° C.  When oil is heated below the specified value, there will be no oil ignition.

Why it is necessary to clean transformer oil

Providing good operating conditions for transformers, transformer oil takes on the influence of negative factors: high temperature, high loads, oxidation, critical stresses, etc. This explains the difference between maintenance of oil and transformer. The transformer can work without maintenance for up to 10-15 years, when oil requires processing after a year, and a full regeneration after 4-5 years. To solve these problems, it is advisable to use CMM plants by GlobeCore.  CMM-R plant connects directly to a transformer, and restores the properties of oil without draining it from a tank. In this case, the transformer can stay on-line and off-line

Maintenance of air transformers

Transformer oil life could be extended by the following measures:

1) exclude contact of oil with oxygen, by installing special expanders with filters;

2) reduce oil overheating as much as possible;

3)  regular cleaning from sludge and water;

4) reduce acid content by using continuous filtration processes;

5) add antioxidant to oil.

GlobeCore equipment maximizes effective cleaning and regeneration of transformer oil through a combination of thermal vacuum treatment, multistage filtration and adsorptive purification. The last stage is very important since it removes acidic components and aging products in oil for complete restoration of oil properties.

Adsorbents perform a complete polishing of oil by removing these impurities, after such treatment the oil is suitable for further use in power transformers and oil circuit breakers.

Being guided by modern demands in cleaning and regeneration of transformer oils, GlobeCore manufactures equipment in different designs: mobile (on wheels, trailer, rollers), stationary, explosion-proof, thermally insulated, etc. All units are equipped with modern sensors and control system for processing transformer oil.

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