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GlobeCore manufactures and supplies equipment for purification of transformer, industrial, turbine and other types of oils. GlobeCore oil recycling plants are convenient, practical and functional. Their operation is not accompanied by harmful emissions into atmosphere. In addition, they consume minimal power, helping to save on expenses.Oil filtration unit.

Testimonial about GlobeCore Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying Unit from Oman

Industrial WasteWater treatment from heavy metals at GlobeCore AVS-150

How to remove Chromium from wastewater

Magnetic mill. Chemical industrial waste water treatment solution. GlobeCore AVS.

Turbine Lube Oil Purification System GlobeCore CMM

Oil Filtration. Power Transformer Oil Filtration at Marine Oil Drilling Rigs and Wind Mills Farms.

Сolloid Mill for Food Production: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salad-dressing

“Oil Purification. Maintenence Power Transformers at Marine Driling Platforms and Wind Farms

“Oil Reclamation. TSS Allows to Reclaim Oil on ENERGIZED Power Transformer

“Manure Utilisation and Disinfection. No odor anymore!

“Manure Odor Neutralizer & helminths disinfecter

Pigment nano-milling on magnetic mill GlobeCore AVS 150

Aluminium to powder milling by magnetic nano-mill Globecore AVS150

Final grinding of 400 grade Portland cement for use as an additive in repair mix

“GlobeCore Biodiesel Production Reactor

“Colloid Mill for Mustard Production

Coal-water slurry fuel production using the magnetic mill GlobeCore AVS-150

Production of coal-water fuel using the magnetic mill AVS-150

Oil Degassing. Connect in 3 minutes: Oil Degassing Unit + Power Transformer. GlobeCore.

Colloid Mill for Peanut Butter Production

Bitumen emulsion production

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