Wind Turbine Oil System

turbine oil system

Wind turbine oil system provides lubrication of inner parts, which is very important for safety and efficiency of unit. It is clearly understandable, that condition of oil in a system is crucial as well. To keep wind plant systems safe and clear, manufacturers must maintain them properly and regularly. Different analyses, oil changing or purification practises are the procedures, that shouldn’t be omitted

How Does Wind Turbine Oil System Function?

Nowadays wind plants use automatic turbine oil system. A station usually has a special reservoir inside, that contains lubricating oil and spread it through hole machinery:

  • gear,
  • gearbox,
  • rotor bearings
  • generator bearings
  • brakes
  • blade bearings etc.


Picture 1. General Wind Turbine Lubrication Scheme


Lubricating oil should be monitored, filtrated and changed in time. However wind turbine oil system usually has internal filter, that is not enough for good maintenance. If there is not enough oil or its in bad condition, it may cause serious damages.

There can be dyfferent types of oil system applications, but all of them have the same issues and challenges.

Challenges of Turbine Oil System

Wind turbine lubrication is a big challenge.There are dozens of details, that have interconnection. So regular lubrication is crusial for each single part. But what makes wind turbine lubrication so difficult is that these components are elevated up to 50 stories off the floor!

The key to servicing wind turbines is proper lubrication of the bearings of the turbine gearbox. The lack of proper lubrication accounts for about 40% of all bearing failures, and in the event of a gearbox failure in wind power, one of the most common causes of downtime and huge repair costs.

Imagine the cost difference between the use of proper preventive maintenance by automatic lubrication system against attaching a faucet and replacing a new bearing or the entire gearbox!

Most Common Oil System Problems

There are several the most widespread technical failures that can appear in the oil system:

  • Oil leak

Wind turbine can have leak of oil due to different factors. The most often it happens because of system contamination or overheating

  • Contamination due to aging

Oil aging is an inevitable process, which occurs after a long period of turbine work. The only way to keep power plant in run is oil changing or purification

  • Contamination with cleaning liquids

Cleaning liquids are another source of pollution. They are used to wash towers from leaking oil and blades from dead insects that form a paste, which reduces productivity.

Picture 2. Turbine Oil Leak

Wind Turbine Oil System Care

GlobeCore company produces different equipment for oil maintaining. Special place occures the latest invention of wind turbine service machines.

They are presented by three types of units:

1. CMM-G Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Changer


The CMM-G plant is designed for a three different modes of wind turbine oil  maintenance:

  • purification of oil
  •  wind turbine flushing
  •  oil evacuation and oil filling

The device effectively maintain the system of wind turbines for less then 1 hour. The device is avaliable for wind power plants of height up to 105 meters

2. CMM-GL Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Changer


The machine has the same options as CMM-G plant with the only difference in sizes and capability. The CMM-GL unit in this configuration operates with wind turbines of up to 60 meters in hight and equiped with 15 μm filter.

3. CMM-4T Plant

CMM-4T is a mobile turbine oil filtration system, that is designed for processing turbine oil. Its purpose is to clean oil, remove different types of contamination and water.

This device operates with turbine oil of any turbine equipment, including wind power plants and other industrial facilities.



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