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Midel transformer oil purification plants CMM-4/7

GlobeCore provides the CMM-4/7, Midel transformer oil purification system. By eliminating impurities, water, and gasses from transformer oil, this high-performance apparatus greatly enhances performance and prolongs equipment life.
Modern vacuum degassing and filtering technology are used by GlobeCore’s CMM-4/7 to deliver thorough oil purification. The unit is a great option for usage in a range of facilities, including power generation and industrial plants, thanks to its compact form and portability.
The CMM-4/7 has several benefits, including great performance, durability, and dependability. High-quality materials are used in the construction of the unit to guarantee a long service life and low maintenance expenses. Without the need for sophisticated technical knowledge, the simplicity of use enables prompt and effective cleaning of Midel transformer oil.

Midel transformer oil purification plants CMM-4/7 Specification

Parameters Value
Capacity, m3/hour / gals. per hour:
  • degassing, nitrogenation, drying and filtration mode
  • heating and filtration mode
Capacity adjustment range, m3/hour / gals. per hour: 0.5-4.0/132-1059.0
Processed oil parameters*:
  • volumetric gas content %, max
  • mass moisture content, g/ton, max
  • ISO 4406 purity class
  • filtration fineness, micron
  • dielectric strength, kV, min
Oil temperature in heating mode, ºС/ ºF 90/194
Filtration rate ≥50
Outlet pressure, MPa 0.2
Oil output head, meters/yards 20/22
Oil heater power, kW 50
Oil heater mean surface power, W/cm2, max 1.15
Max power consumption, kW 65
Electric power
  • voltage, V
  • AC frequency, Hz**
Dimensions, mm (w/o trailer / with trailer)
  • length
  • height
  • width
Weight, kg (w/o trailer / with trailer) 1000/1400

Note: * initial oil parameters:

  • volumetric gas content – below 10,5%;
  • mass moisture content – below 0,05% (50 g/ton);
  • temperature – above 0 ºС/ 32 ºF.

**All equipment sold in the USA is designed to operate on 60 Hz AC Power

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