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During the time of its existence, GlobeCore has accumulated significant practical experience in the field of transformer operation and maintenance. Until recently, we shared this experience in a framework of seminars and conferences held in various countries.

We believe the COVID-19 pandemic must not stand in the way of sharing knowledge. Therefore, our company is holding a series of webinars under a common title of GlobeCore Tech School, in which we will look into both the basic processes of the transformer lifecycle and practical considerations. This knowledge will help to look at transformers from a different perspective and to extend transformer lifetime.

Who would benefit from the GlobeCore Tech School webinars?

The seminars are aimed at everyone who professionally works with transformers: management of electrical companies, engineers, electricians, service companies, university students etc.

What’s the cost of participation?

There is none. Participation in the webinars is free. All you need is registration in Zoom and an Internet connection.

How often are the GlobeCore Tech School webinars held?

Ten webinars are planned for the next twelve months.

How do I find out about the next webinar?

The next webinars are announced in the news section of the website, as well as on social media (GlobeCore in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). You can also receive news updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

Do I receive a certificate of participation from the webinars?

Yes. Certificates are issued on request. The document may certify participation in one of the webinars or a general certificate after the entire yearly cycle.

How can I receive the webinar materials?

All participants can receive the presentation and a recording of the webinar on written request.

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