Colloid mill CLM-8/16

CLM-8/16 colloid mill is designed for inline homogenization and emulsification of liquid products (thick slurries of high shear stresses).

The mill can be used to prepare, dissolve, and process many products in various industries, in particular, when grinding granulated SBS-polymer applied for modified bitumen preparation.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of CLM-8/16 colloid mill is based on a rotor/stator system diagram. A rotor and a stator consist of concentric tool rings (cutters, knives) with special configurations of grooves and (or) holes that ensure the optimal mode of mechanical impact on processed product.

In working position, the tool rings of the rotor (moving tool) and the stator (stationary tool) enter coaxially against each other and rotate in a contact-free manner at a high relative speed (up to 47 m/s). Contact-free rotation is ensured by technological axial and radial gaps.

The processed product enters the operating chamber of the mill housing through the axial bore of the stator (product inlet), is run through the rotor/stator system and discharged in the radial direction (product outlet).

When passing through the rotor/stator system, the product is influenced by complex hydrodynamic processes associated with changes in shear stresses, shear forces, and flow velocity. Chemical reactions occur faster due to increased contact surfaces of chemical agents. As a result, intensive dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, grinding, and pulverization of the processed product are achieved.



Mill capacity, m3/h (gpm)

8… 16 (35… 70)*

Kinematic viscosity of product, mm2/s (St),  not more than

150 (1.5)

Initial size of polymer particles, mm (in), not more than

5 (0.2)

Maximum operating pressure, MPa (psi)

0.6 (87)

Rated rotation frequency, rpm


Drive motor power, kW


Parameters of electricity mains, V/Hz


Nominal bore diameter of mill fittings, mm (in)

 – inlet

 – outlet


120 (4.7)

80 (3.1)

Operating temperature, °С (°F), not more than

180 (356)

Mill shaft seal


Knife gap adjustment type


Knife gap adjustment range, mm (in)

0,2…2 (8·10-3… 8·10-3)

Knife tip speed at 3,000 rpm, m/s (mph), not more than

47 (105)

Dimensions (not more than), mm (in):

 – length

 – width

 – height


1,690 (67)

650 (26)

770 (30)

Net weight (not more than), kg (lb)

780 (1,720)

 * –  depending on the product (liquid).

  • the mill can be used in various industries;
  • depending on the tasks to be performed, the item is supplied with various rotor/stator tooling types and shaft seals;
  • the mill wetted portion and components can be made of structural-grade steel, stainless chemical resistant steel, and the steel acceptable for use in the food industry;
  • the mill design allows for adjusting the gap between the cutters from 0.2 to 2 mm;
  • the mill can be operated both indoors and in sheltered outdoor space.

CLM-8/16 colloid mill can be used for industrial production of:

  • polymer modified bitumen;
  • bitumen-polymer pastes;
  • liquid rubber;
  • paints;
  • water and fuel oil emulsions;
  • lubricating coolants;
  • synthetic lubricants;
  • emulsion explosives;
  • detergents;
  • liquid fertilizers;
  • pharmaceutical pastes;
  • shampoos, etc.

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