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CMM-4,0LT Industrial Oil Purification Unit

The CMM-4,0LT mobil oil unit is designed for filtration and thermal and vacuum drying of oils used in lubrication systems, seals and hydraulic systems of gas turbines and gas pumping assemblies, gas compressors, as well as transformers, in the course of operation and servicing of such systems.

The unit can be used to remove water, free and dissolved gas from oils by heat and vacuum, heat and dry electrical equipment with hot oil, as well as remove solid particles with highly efficient filters.  This unit is designed for companies that process or handle oils.

The unit can be optionally fitted with moisture sensors, coalescent filter elements and touch screen controls.

Parameter Value
1 Processing rate, liters/minute (gpm), not less than
  – heat and vacuum drying and filtration mode 70 (18,5)
2* Processed oil parameters:
  – ISO 4406 oil purity, at least: 17/15/12
– free water removal, % 100
– dissolved water and gas removal, not less than, % 90
3 Process temperature range, ºС ( ºF)  
  – low limit +10 (50)
– high limit +70…+80 (158…176)
4 Output pressure, bar (psi), not less than 1,5 (21,8)
5 Heater power, kW, max 40
6 Maximum power requirement, kW 46
7 Power supply parameters
  – voltage, V Customizable
– AC frequency, Hz
– phases
8 Dimensions, mm (in), max
  – length 1700 (67)
– width 900 (35)
– height 1970 (78)
9 Weight, kg (lbs), max 600 (1320)

Note-    * initial oil parameters:

  • volumetric gas content: less than 10,5%
  • moisture content by weight: less than 0.005% (50 ppm)
  • temperature: 0 ºС (32 ºF) and above

  • versatility of use;
  • compact size;
  • high mobility.


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